What’s in a word?

You probably chose to participate in The Wealth Diet because you want to experience more wealth in your life. You want to feel more carefree, more at ease in the world, more freedom to travel, do what you want, or say “take this job and shove it!” You want to answer to no one, you want to live debt free, you want the ability to buy a nice home in a great neighborhood, or perhaps you want to take care of family.

Wealth means something to you. You have a preconceived idea of what wealth is, how the wealthy live, and why it currently isn’t in your life at the levels you hope for.

That definition of wealth in your head is KEY to what The Wealth Diet is to you.

When Mark was creating the 4th Subliminal Manifestation DVD, Attracting Wealth, I watched the DVD as a part of my job… helping him to proof the product and make sure everything was okay. Of course, I watched the DVD and had an experience as many of you did.

What shifted in me was not really about wealth… it was about success. And “success” had meaning to me. That meaning was drilled into my head at a young age.

Both of my parents had their own businesses and worked every single day. I knew there was an expectation of me, an expectation that I should be successful. But I didn’t realize that I was killing myself with work because of that definition, and I wasn’t really making more money for that lifestyle of working 80 hours a week. In my life, success was much more important than wealth. And appearing successful was more important than being happy.

I changed my beliefs about success by choosing to change that definition in my head. I instantly began to experience a more carefree lifestyle. My income jumped exponentially.

Start to investigate what the word “wealth” means to you. Here are some synonyms. What do they mean to you?

Abundance. Affluence. Fortune. Luxury. Opulence. Plenitude. Plenty. Prosperity. Riches, richness. Security. Worth. And of course, success.

Do any of those words evoke feelings for you? Those feelings will lead you to either more wealth or towards what is blocking you.

You can visualize all you want. But if you don’t learn to navigate your feelings, you won’t learn to navigate your manifestations. It’s about what you think is true, your beliefs, and what you feel about them. Intensity of feeling is more important than whether or not the feeling is good or bad.

Could any of those words mean something else? Could wealth mean peace of mind? Are you really just looking for more free time? Are you looking for fame or fortune? Can you have one without the other?

What does the experience of wealth feel like to you?

Here’s a big one: do you think that you need to be successful to have wealth? Do you think you need to work hard to be successful?

That “work hard” and “hard work” business also has a lot of nuance to it. Steve Jobs commented that you better love your work, because that love will sustain you when the job seems impossible.

Have you had that feeling when hard work felt invigorating to you? Have you also had feelings where hard work depleted your energy completely? What was different?

I am not averse to work… and I don’t think you should be either. But I think if you’re going to work hard, it might as well feel invigorating, inspiring and exciting to you! It might as well be worth it!

As a mom, well…. you other parents know. It can be depleting and invigorating in the same few minutes… but it is always worth it.

Working Hard Doesn’t Matter

If working hard meant wealth, then the Hilton sisters would be in coal mines. Wealth can be experienced without work. There is no direct correlation.

So how does wealth come about? Do you have to deserve it? Do you have to be a good person? Do you have to have good karma? Do you have to own it to be wealthy?

Wealth can be something different

When we moved to Mount Shasta from Austin, Texas, we unwittingly ended up in a 1.3 million dollar house in a glorious neighborhood. The home is exquisite, with exotic hardwood floors, stunning cathedral ceilings, and a park-like backyard. We didn’t try to create this house, but it ended up in our experience. It has been a wealthy experience, but I will tell you that the WEALTH of what we have experienced is deeper than the physical home.

The experience in Mount Shasta has taught me something about wealth. Yes, having no money sucks. But wealth doesn’t have to come through money. The wealth of this experience has been more about connections to God, neighbors, nature, and two crazy golden retrievers named Alex and Riley. Riley is our neighbor’s dog. A few months after we moved here, Riley started hanging out with us and walking with me. I was in the meadow near our house one day and I realized that everything that was giving me such immense joy in that experience wasn’t even mine.

The meadow belongs to a farmer. The dog belongs to someone else. The house, also not mine long-term. Even my car, which I “own” is depreciating. The beauty of Mount Shasta… ha, yeah, we can’t own that either. But the immense wealth I was experiencing in the now of that experience gave me more than anything money could buy.

The gratitude I felt in that moment in the meadow for All That Is expressing itself to me… I was the richest woman in the world. And I owned none of it.

I’ve written before about the abundance of water that comes out of the headwaters of the Sacramento River in the Mount Shasta City Park. It gushes, gallons of pure fresh water every second bursting forth at 32 degrees. People line up to fill water bottles… it’s the sweetest, freshest water that I’ve ever tasted.

I swear there is an energy to the water… I feel lighter in my body after I drink it. It is like pure ambrosia. What price do I put on that? Yet it is free. And no one owns it.

Abundance is our natural state. Wealth is our natural state. If we aren’t experiencing it, we aren’t opening to it. Your wealth already exists. It is staring at you waiting for you to notice it.

There is something… right now in your life… you might not see it just yet, but it is there. There is something that gives you wealth in a priceless way. It is something you cannot own, but it is something that gives to you, it is something that gives you amazing feelings of joy.

Perhaps it seems that wealth… money, abundance, riches, a carefree lifestyle… it’s sitting WAY over there. Or maybe the level you prefer to be experiencing is just out of reach. Perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in a place of the same income level no matter what you d do and you can’t break through to the next level.

Maybe you don’t know exactly what steps to take. Maybe you see some possible steps, maybe they’re contradictory. You know it’s there, (and if you don’t, that’s step one. KNOWING it’s there.) but you don’t know how to get there. Or maybe you’re halfway down a path and you what to make the journey go faster. Maybe you really want fame and that’s not as important as the fortune.

Everyone is different. Success, wealth, and fortune is different for each person.

What is similar…

  • It exists. Your dream manifested already exists. There is no future, no past, just the ever-present NOW. And it exists in the now.
  • You are already on your way to experiencing it.
  • You receive messages EVERY SINGLE DAY about how to get there, even if you don’t recognize it as such. (We’ll help you soon on how to recognize those.)
  • You will be forced to do what is necessary to experience this wealth, even if you have to manifest something awful to provide the contrast necessary to shoot out that rocket of desire for something better.

Today’s Exercise: What is Wealth to you?

You can do this as a comment below if you feel your work will help another person, or if you feel that you need help discovering. But your exercise today is to define what wealth is to you. BE HONEST with yourself. What do you need to do to feel wealthy? What do you need to be or do in order to be wealthy? What things need to happen in order for you to be wealthy? Once you are wealthy, what does your life look like? What possessions do you need to be wealthy? What FEELINGS do you FEEL when you are wealthy?

Also, watch Mark’s subliminal video – free – right here. See what feelings, beliefs, or emotions come up for you.

Once you explore what wealth is to you, grab the totem you selected from Day One. Drop your energy into your body and feel whatever sensations are there. Note those. Are you feeling anything? Fear? Trepidation? Peacefulness?

Hold it in your hand and say, “I am joyfully and exuberantly enjoying the process of effortlessly flowing into my wealth. It exists for me right now. My bank accounts are overflowing, I have more money than I will ever need, and I deserve every penny of it.”

How does it feel to say that? Do you really believe it exists for you now, or do you feel like you are kidding yourself? Make a note of how you feel, what thoughts come up.

Being honest with yourself about your current beliefs and feelings will lead you to growing beyond them!

We’ll do this exercise again throughout this process. Keep notes! You will be amazed at how much more expansive this will feel in just a few days.

Thank you for doing this, for exploring who you are now.

And remember, who you are now really is good enough, even if you see beliefs or feelings come up that might be unacceptable to the “think positive” crowd. The more you resist the “negative” thoughts, the more they persist and become problematic! You must accept them, listen to them, and learn from them.

This is not a journey of beating yourself up because you’re not good enough. You’ve always been more than good enough! This is a journey of embracing exactly who you are now, so you can embrace an expanded sense of yourself in the future.