What is The Wealth Diet?

The Wealth Diet

Food is fuel for your body. It also provides enjoyment at a number of levels, physically and psychologically. We’ve all “dieted,” controlling our food intake to either lose or gain weight.

Thoughts and beliefs are the fuel for your mind. They form the basis of your decision making, both consciously and unconsciously. But how many of us control our thought intake to change the decisions we make? Do we take conscious action towards ensuring our thoughts and beliefs are providing the right kind of food for our health, wealth, and abundant experiences?

The Wealth Diet tours our mental, spiritual, and unconscious lives, looking at how we affect our wealth through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Wealth is defined differently for each of us, so the route to wealth can be quite different. By identifying the root cause of our desires, hopes, and wishes, The Wealth Diet creates a path towards creating what we truly desire to experience in our lives.

What participants say about The Wealth Diet

Many doors have opened-up for me in the last 3 weeks thanks to you. Even though you made this program available for free, please do not underestimate the value it has given me. Without given you any details, I can tell you that you have probably saved my life. Thank you! I believe that there are no coincidence in life. Our paths were supposed to cross when they did and I will always be thankful for that. May the Universal Mind guide you and protect you always.

Thanks again. As we say in French, Merci Beaucoup!

Sincerely and in good faith.

These days have been really important for me. Everyday I have found something in your words that helped me to keep on working on me towards my goals. Even if I knew most of “exercises,” your support has been crucial for my success. Everything seems to find naturally its place, with simplicity. Every new day is joyful and full of opportunities. Thanks very much for your great work, it was great to spend this month with your advice!

With infinite love and gratitude,

I can’t believe our 30 days are over! Every day for the past month I have looked forward to reading the next bit of mastery! This has been a very worthwhile experience, and I so want the book! I definitely feel wealthier. How could I not with such jewels handed to me daily. I am not a novice to the subjects, but I so love and need the reminders! Your insights, Kathy, and the way in which you presented them were always so timely and right on the mark! I am very happy to have been part of your experiment, and to have met you. I feel a deep kinship!

I Love You, and am so very Grateful to You, Kathy, for all that you are accomplishing!

You are amazing, and I bow to you.

With Sincerity,

I have noticed some of the “exercises” I was automatically doing already, and many of them made me realize I needed “work” on some things.

The Wealth Diet exercises also helped me make the decision to finally quit my job and go “self-employed” full time! Wow, and am I glad I did!!! I don’t know how long it would have taken be to give in if I had not had this input!!

All in all, this is a wonderful program!!! Many can benefit from it!!! If I got this much out of it, and haven’t even completed all the exercise, WOW, look out!

Many thanks again!!!!

What can I say? This was so timely, so wonderful, so amazing, so right for me right now. I am so grateful for every bit of this and also so grateful to be able to participate.


With my totem in my pocket I touch it daily, a daily reminder of the abundance within. When reaching for my keys it provides a subconscious acknowledgement of the universal abundance available to me. A GREAT program, I had some challenges in receiving the new messages, so some I did a couple each day. I’ll have to go through the daily exercises for another month in the proper order and see what more I can intend and manifest. I clean daily with Thank YOU, I Love YOU, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, and have been cleaning several times a day for about a year now. I intend to do some serious work in the Dream area as I have the Dreaming Abundance CD’s and listen to some of it often it’s a good time for a refresher course on that again.

Very special thanks to you  for the opportunity to be in this experimental program. I look forward to the book and other programs you create.

Thanks again,