My daughter, Claire, and I were messing around on the iPad the other day, and we came across the movie Secretariat on Netflix. Claire has a fascination with horses I’ll never understand, and since I haven’t watched a movie in a long time, I figured it was one we could watch together. I liked it a lot more than she did. I think her idea of a good movie about horses has pastel and rainbow colored unicorns in it.

Perseverance and holding tight to what you believe in is the primary message of this movie. Secretariat’s owner believed in her horse, against all odds. She “won” the horse in a coin toss, a coin toss that she actually lost. But Secretariat’s owner believed he was a winning horse before he was born.

You cannot create wealth in a vacuum. Wealth doesn’t come by itself, it comes as a result of those belief constellations we talked about. A combination of sustainable, interdependent beliefs, when cultivated and unwaveringly held, begin to create new experiences.

Perseverance is what keeps those beliefs moving towards manifestation.

I have had some challenges that asked me whether or not I was going to create my wealth and move forward. In light of the challenges, the easiest answer was to let go of the inspirations coming through me. The easiest answer, the most logical answer was to turn my attention elsewhere.

But there stood Secretariat. And his owner.

And within me stood the whispers to persevere.

If I give up and go the easiest route, I never know where my wealth and inspiration goes. Well, honestly, I know where it will go. I have found with previous inspirations not acted upon that unanswered inspiration does go somewhere: into the spirit, hands and minds of those who are willing to act.

Spirit wants to make manifest the inspiration it provides. If you’re not willing, it will find someone else.

But it won’t really be the same.

What is your Secretariat?

There are skills, abilities, and knowledge that you have, that no other people on earth have in exact combination. You can try to compare yourself to someone else, somewhere, who is more or less successful, and you will always find something different. Your Secretariat within you is your niche, the perfect combination of your skills, abilities, and knowledge planted in a fertile environment. These things are all waiting for you to open to them, to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, and thoughts so that you can begin to see what’s underneath.

Recently, there was a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of Macchu Picchu. The initial pictures of the site look nothing like the familiar lush green ruins we know today. The site was covered with jungle, but the archeologists who discovered Macchu Picchu knew they had their own amazing Secretariat underneath the jungle that blocked its magnificence.

Such is your own amazing contribution to the world. It waits, under the jungle of your own patterns, waiting for you to claim it as your own.

Once you clear the blocking patterns and the inspiration starts moving through, a momentum starts to build.

If you’re actually on a food diet, you’re going to be faced with challenges. That birthday party and its requisite cake and ice cream. And if you’re building a new lifestyle, you’re going to be faced with challenges.

Secretariat lost sometimes.

But overall, the horse won the triple crown and still holds records to this day.

And overall, you’re going to stick with your goals.

And if you don’t…

Gary Zukav notes in Seat of the Soul that not all souls actualize what they came here to do. Some actualize partially. Some fully actualize the dream and mission of the soul.

You can choose how much you want to actualize, how you want to live out your wealthiest dreams. Perhaps you want a life of complete luxury, or perhaps wealth to you is to live a life with a successful relationship. There are different puzzle pieces, and for each person, each puzzle piece is a different size of the overall wealth puzzle.

As we discussed earlier, looking outwards for your definition of wealth and success will lead you to the wrong puzzle altogether. Your own completed wealth puzzle comes from your own internal inspirations. The picture on the outside of the box is detailed spiritually on the inside of your soul.

If you can’t get that last puzzle piece to fit just right, then open yourself up to find a new puzzle piece. The puzzle is complete in Spirit. Your job is not to make the puzzle fit your ego’s grandest dreams. Your job is to open up and allow spirit to move you towards manifesting the perfect puzzle pieces for you.

Perseverance means holding tight to not only your dreams and goals, but to persevere in spirit and hold firm to that which you know is true within you. It means knowing that there is a bigger part of you that knows what you want, need, and desire and can fulfill it easier than you can imagine.

Perseverance means seeing past what shows up outside of you as puzzle pieces masquerading as truth, and turning within to double check with the box your dreams came in.

And, no matter how far down the wrong road you travel, there is always another way. If your existing manifestations don’t seem to match with the inspiration within, it is never too late to morph your experience into something else completely.

In the movie, Secretariat’s owner was faced with a challenge of saving her father’s horse farm that had a $6 million debt, and a seemingly magical solution of an offer for $8 million to purchase the horse. She compared what showed up masquerading as her manifestation to her internal knowingness, and she declined.

Persevere, no matter what. Once you’re lined up with your truth and knowing within, the outside temptations don’t measure up.

Someone recently said to me that people will sacrifice working on their dream for a short-term gain. Meaning, if someone offers you $20,000 to spend the next month working on THEIR dream, you’ll give up your own for that short term goal.

I’m not saying to turn down that project; perhaps it will be a project that helps you create wealth in the long term and you have the time to do it. Every situation is different. But how many times have you taken that short term payoff and put off your long term goal? Think about it.

What about criticism? The more you put yourself out there, the greater the fear of being criticized. Let me tell you, EVERYONE gets criticism. The ones who create their greatness rise above it and make it a non-issue in their life. Of course, there is constructive criticism, and that can be helpful. It is helpful to learn to tell what can help you, what is useful, and what can help you refine and hone your manifestations. If it isn’t helpful, then learn to ignore it and persevere.

Today’s Exercise

Today, a Monday, we’re going to persevere. We’re going to continue with our exercises of clearing, our exercises of imagination and inspiration, and we’re going to face the distractions with the knowledge that our dream and our goals are more important. Don’t give up on your current work if it is paying the bills. But most importantly, commit to your dreams, to actualizing your personal best and your dreams manifest. Commit to YOURSELF, to the love you deserve, to the happiness that is your birthright.