Play is probably the most important entry in The Wealth Diet, and it is probably one of the hardest to write for me! I am really lousy at this, being one of those Get Things Done Type A types of personalities. However, I’m also a pretty smart cookie. And in a convoluted way, I use play to leverage getting things done, and getting things done well.

Have you ever watched a child play? There is a natural flow to their play, to their engagement. They don’t think things through, they just flow with wherever their imagination takes them. They get an inspiration to do something and they go do it. They become engaged, engrossed. They are learning, but they are learning for the sake of establishing neural pathways in the brain rather than knowing something.

Let me explain that further.

How hard is it for you to drive a car? Walk down the street? Brush your teeth? Those things are all learned activities that you can do rather unconsciously.

I drive a stick shift. People comment about it sometimes, as it isn’t a very popular choice for a car! (Though I was going for mileage, not popularity!) When I first learned to drive, I have a stick shift. And I remember getting stuck on hills, stalling out at red lights. Practicing in a parking lot with my mom. I had to learn to “get the hang of it,” to make it unconscious, to develop those neural pathways in the brain that made driving a stick shift simple.

I am in the process of teaching my children how to brush their teeth well and train them to do so unconsciously… to build those pathways.

Playing an instrument is this same type of deep, neural play that establishes unconscious patterns of movement.

When children play, 95% of their effort is mistakes. It’s wrong, it’s experimentation. It’s flexible. It’s trying new things and playing with their reality. They don’t have the ego association of being right, not making mistakes, and knowing that an adult has.

Contrast that type of knowledge to something you read yesterday. Perhaps you want to learn something new. Perhaps something new, a new skill, might help you in your efforts to manifest what you want. To really develop proficiency, you need to practice, make mistakes, and approach the skill with a playful attitude.

Playing with things builds neural pathways. Playing doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t stress you out, and it flows energy through you in constructive ways.

Play allows your mind to step aside and stop thinking and allows your nervous system and your body to take over and practice creating.

Play is incredibly important to manifestation.

Today, you play. Set aside 30 minutes. Play with your kids. Let them lead you. If you don’t have kids, borrow one if you can! And if you’re unable to find a kid to remind you how to play again, put on your favorite music in your house, sing along, dance, and let that divine creative life force take you away.

Do you do anything creative? Painting, drawing, photographing, writing (creatively!), playing an instrument, gardening… there is a zone you get into when you are playing in that space. That zone has a feeling to it. Your thoughts drift away and you find yourself in a receptive state, a state where possibilities enter your mind.

When a playtime activity stops becoming fun for you, stop doing it. You can go back to it, but never push something that should be fun into that place of “work.”

Things that are work to one person are play to another. My enrolled agent for the IRS audit, Diane, loves paperwork. She’s got stamps and binder clips of various colors, and cool pens, and all of these very fun office supplies. She took my big pile of nonsense for the IRS and put it all into an impressive, ordered beautiful binder. She is worth every penny, just to see how wonderfully she puts everything together. She took something that was a chore for me and made it fun for her. I think I just found my accountant for eternity!!!

In our perfect world, we would be able to hire people like Diane for accounting, people who love to do everything we don’t love to do, so we can concentrate on our play. Of course, there is the business of chop wood, carry water…. there are always things we must continue to do. We’ll never hire someone to brush our teeth for us! But the more we can offload the unpleasant tasks to people who love them so we can do more of the things that give us that feeling of excitement and playfulness, the better manifester we will be.

We’ll talk more about the power of your body in intuition soon. But for today, play. You already know everything you need to know, and today get those good feelings going! You’ll be able to transfer that into your manifestation exercises too. There is incredible power in having fun!

We’ve completed two weeks of The Wealth Diet. How does it feel?


My daughter, Claire, and I were messing around on the iPad the other day, and we came across the movie Secretariat on Netflix. Claire has a fascination with horses I’ll never understand, and since I haven’t watched a movie in a long time, I figured it was one we could watch together. I liked it a lot more than she did. I think her idea of a good movie about horses has pastel and rainbow colored unicorns in it.

Perseverance and holding tight to what you believe in is the primary message of this movie. Secretariat’s owner believed in her horse, against all odds. She “won” the horse in a coin toss, a coin toss that she actually lost. But Secretariat’s owner believed he was a winning horse before he was born.

You cannot create wealth in a vacuum. Wealth doesn’t come by itself, it comes as a result of those belief constellations we talked about. A combination of sustainable, interdependent beliefs, when cultivated and unwaveringly held, begin to create new experiences.

Perseverance is what keeps those beliefs moving towards manifestation.

I have had some challenges that asked me whether or not I was going to create my wealth and move forward. In light of the challenges, the easiest answer was to let go of the inspirations coming through me. The easiest answer, the most logical answer was to turn my attention elsewhere.

But there stood Secretariat. And his owner.

And within me stood the whispers to persevere.

If I give up and go the easiest route, I never know where my wealth and inspiration goes. Well, honestly, I know where it will go. I have found with previous inspirations not acted upon that unanswered inspiration does go somewhere: into the spirit, hands and minds of those who are willing to act.

Spirit wants to make manifest the inspiration it provides. If you’re not willing, it will find someone else.

But it won’t really be the same.

What is your Secretariat?

There are skills, abilities, and knowledge that you have, that no other people on earth have in exact combination. You can try to compare yourself to someone else, somewhere, who is more or less successful, and you will always find something different. Your Secretariat within you is your niche, the perfect combination of your skills, abilities, and knowledge planted in a fertile environment. These things are all waiting for you to open to them, to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, and thoughts so that you can begin to see what’s underneath.

Recently, there was a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of Macchu Picchu. The initial pictures of the site look nothing like the familiar lush green ruins we know today. The site was covered with jungle, but the archeologists who discovered Macchu Picchu knew they had their own amazing Secretariat underneath the jungle that blocked its magnificence.

Such is your own amazing contribution to the world. It waits, under the jungle of your own patterns, waiting for you to claim it as your own.

Once you clear the blocking patterns and the inspiration starts moving through, a momentum starts to build.

If you’re actually on a food diet, you’re going to be faced with challenges. That birthday party and its requisite cake and ice cream. And if you’re building a new lifestyle, you’re going to be faced with challenges.

Secretariat lost sometimes.

But overall, the horse won the triple crown and still holds records to this day.

And overall, you’re going to stick with your goals.

And if you don’t…

Gary Zukav notes in Seat of the Soul that not all souls actualize what they came here to do. Some actualize partially. Some fully actualize the dream and mission of the soul.

You can choose how much you want to actualize, how you want to live out your wealthiest dreams. Perhaps you want a life of complete luxury, or perhaps wealth to you is to live a life with a successful relationship. There are different puzzle pieces, and for each person, each puzzle piece is a different size of the overall wealth puzzle.

As we discussed earlier, looking outwards for your definition of wealth and success will lead you to the wrong puzzle altogether. Your own completed wealth puzzle comes from your own internal inspirations. The picture on the outside of the box is detailed spiritually on the inside of your soul.

If you can’t get that last puzzle piece to fit just right, then open yourself up to find a new puzzle piece. The puzzle is complete in Spirit. Your job is not to make the puzzle fit your ego’s grandest dreams. Your job is to open up and allow spirit to move you towards manifesting the perfect puzzle pieces for you.

Perseverance means holding tight to not only your dreams and goals, but to persevere in spirit and hold firm to that which you know is true within you. It means knowing that there is a bigger part of you that knows what you want, need, and desire and can fulfill it easier than you can imagine.

Perseverance means seeing past what shows up outside of you as puzzle pieces masquerading as truth, and turning within to double check with the box your dreams came in.

And, no matter how far down the wrong road you travel, there is always another way. If your existing manifestations don’t seem to match with the inspiration within, it is never too late to morph your experience into something else completely.

In the movie, Secretariat’s owner was faced with a challenge of saving her father’s horse farm that had a $6 million debt, and a seemingly magical solution of an offer for $8 million to purchase the horse. She compared what showed up masquerading as her manifestation to her internal knowingness, and she declined.

Persevere, no matter what. Once you’re lined up with your truth and knowing within, the outside temptations don’t measure up.

Someone recently said to me that people will sacrifice working on their dream for a short-term gain. Meaning, if someone offers you $20,000 to spend the next month working on THEIR dream, you’ll give up your own for that short term goal.

I’m not saying to turn down that project; perhaps it will be a project that helps you create wealth in the long term and you have the time to do it. Every situation is different. But how many times have you taken that short term payoff and put off your long term goal? Think about it.

What about criticism? The more you put yourself out there, the greater the fear of being criticized. Let me tell you, EVERYONE gets criticism. The ones who create their greatness rise above it and make it a non-issue in their life. Of course, there is constructive criticism, and that can be helpful. It is helpful to learn to tell what can help you, what is useful, and what can help you refine and hone your manifestations. If it isn’t helpful, then learn to ignore it and persevere.

Today’s Exercise

Today, a Monday, we’re going to persevere. We’re going to continue with our exercises of clearing, our exercises of imagination and inspiration, and we’re going to face the distractions with the knowledge that our dream and our goals are more important. Don’t give up on your current work if it is paying the bills. But most importantly, commit to your dreams, to actualizing your personal best and your dreams manifest. Commit to YOURSELF, to the love you deserve, to the happiness that is your birthright.

The Intent Behind Your Gift

This was actually a blog post Mark had done a while ago. It may be a repeat to you.

But since we are talking about wealth, we must also discuss giving. We have learned how very important it is to give from a pure heart in order for the gift to be magnified.

The intent with which you give is more important than the gift itself.


Why is it that sometimes we give and our gifts don’t make a difference? Why is it that sometimes we give and give and give until we feel completely depleted, and then we realize that the experience felt more like “being taken from” instead of giving from the heart?

When Giving Doesn’t Work
There was a point in time during my life when I was homeless. I don’t talk much about this experience; I don’t feel like I need to use it to justify anything or use it to make people think my life is anything that it is not. When I was living without a home, I was sitting eating a can of beans. A man, who appeared to be homeless as well, came up to me and asked me for money. I told him that I didn’t have any money, but that I would share my beans with him.

He said, “No, man, sorry. I don’t want your beans.” He proceeded to tell me how he made a good living from asking people for money. It was his “job,” so to speak, to ask people for money and prey upon their pity of him. This was how he earned his living.

Kathy had a similar experience. While working in downtown Chicago, she saw a man begging for money who was visibly mentally afflicted. A few weeks later, she saw him up in her neighborhood, far away from the touristy areas downtown, buying food at the grocery store. He was not acting afflicted as he paid for his food. He even had a credit card to pay for his food, and he acted perfectly normal.

We’ve all had the experience of being asked for money by someone we just knew was going to use the money to buy alcohol or drugs. And we’ve all had experiences where friends or family ask us for favors, our money, our time, our energy, and we’ve not have the favors repaid. Or we feel sorry for someone down on their luck, we give to them to help them, and they end up taking advantage of our kindness.

I’ve even had experiences where I’ve been promised payment for my work, given freely above and beyond what was required, and then denied payment for my time, service, and above-and-beyond gift of energy.

And then sometimes people will give a gift and constantly remind you that they gave the gift, making it not feel much like a gift at all. It can often feel like you’re paying for the “gift” over and over again when you’re reminded of it!

Sometimes giving doesn’t always work out very well.

Yet, my faith tells me that I must give and care for my brother. But I don’t feel that it is appropriate to “cast my pearl before swine” and have my time, energy, money, or kindness wasted… or even worse, taken advantage of.

When Giving Keeps Giving
And then there are the stories and experiences that tell me that giving is completely magical.

There have been situations when I’ve given, and it has been magnified. A woman I know gave her last $20 to someone, and it was returned to her the next day through another source.

I’ve given money to people and had it come back to me in other ways. I’ve bought meals for people who were begging, I’ve bought gas for people, I’ve paid tolls for the car behind me. Those experiences change my world and my perspective in ways I cannot fully explain.

So where is the distinction? Why does giving sometimes work out wonderfully and other times create disasters of epic proportions?

Reasons for Giving
I have a theory that the reasons behind our gift are more important than the gift itself. The physical manifestation of the gift – food, money, time – doesn’t matter as much as the spiritual intention behind the gift. When you give, the belief and intention that you hold in your heart is what you are creating.

Think about this.

  • Are you giving a gift because you need it returned 10-fold?
  • Are you giving a gift because you need attention for it?
  • Are you giving a gift because you need glorification?
  • Are you giving because you feel like you have to?
  • Are you giving a gift because you feel sorry for someone?

Or are you giving because you feel inspired? Are you giving freely from a willing heart? Are you giving with faith?

When you give from a place of need, you reinforce that need. You reinforce that you need something in return, thus reinforcing that need rather than fulfilling it.

If you are giving because you feel sorry for someone, you are giving a reinforcement of the situation that makes you feel sorry for that person. The experience of feeling sorry for that person will come back to you tenfold. You do no good giving because you feel sorry for someone.

Jesus did not heal because he felt sorry for people. Jesus healed because he could see the Divine within that person, he could see that person fully well, and he held true to his faith. He did not heal because He had to or needed to. He did not heal because He wanted glorification or attention.

The intent and belief behind your gift is more important than the gift itself.

If you are giving from a place of need, you create more need. If you are giving because you want attention, you’ll get attention all right… but not necessarily the attention you were looking for.

If you give freely, lovingly, with no attachment to outcome, then you are giving with the intent of healing, growth, and love. If you give with the intent of bringing Spirit, inspiration, and love into this world, you will have that magnified. And this energy is what will come back to you. If you give knowing and intending to help someone into a better situation, this comes back to you.

If you choose to give, see your physical gift as a manifestation of your truest intent. Set your intention in the right place, that the highest good will come from your gift, that the will of the Divine is at play, and that healing, growth, and love can and will occur.

Think about the woman who gave away her last $20. Her gift came back to her in the exact amount the next day. But think about what was behind that gift. She gave it with faith that it would come back, and it did. But the gift… it keeps giving. It is giving to you today as a gift of a story of inspiration. The intent behind the gift itself was — and is to this day — more important than the gift of the money.

The Real Power of Giving
When you are in the place where you are giving from your willing heart, when you are giving free of attachment to outcome, with no thought of how it makes you look to others, you know. There is a feeling that comes through giving, a feeling where you begin to allow miracles happen for yourself and for others. When giving comes from that place, it bridges the place between Spirit and physical.

When Kathy was in downtown Chicago, she saw many people begging on the streets. Her desire and need to give was being triggered, but her cynicism was high. Instead of giving money, she began giving energy. She would select individuals and “give” them something other than money. She would imagine them happy, joyful, laughing, and then imagine a ball of light coming from her to that person. It wasn’t always homeless people that she would give this to, it was entirely random and based entirely on the in-the-moment inspiration she felt. Whether or not the “gift” she gave made a difference, we’ll never know. But it made an impression on her.

Think about the gift of prayer, the gift of reiki, the gift of goodwill, the gift of intent, belief, faith. There is no way that you can know where it goes, what it does when it gets there, or what it will do when it is returned to you tenfold.

Giving in the Now
When you are presented with a situation that would allow you to give, inspiration is your guide. It takes some experimenting to play with your resistance. There may be opportunities to give and provide miracles for others that right now might look like some of those tell-tale signs of bad giving. But when are these situations really your patterns resisting wonderful opportunities?

The key to out-witting these patterns is experimentation. Sometimes giving a dollar to someone who is going to spend it on alcohol is a dollar lost; sometimes it is a miracle.

Give from the intent of a miracle.

Then, let go. Let go of what you think should happen, what you want to happen, all of your patterns of hope, past experiences, etc. Let go completely. Let go, Let God. Let it be.

Just give in the miraculous now with an intention, and let it be whatever it needs to be.

The power of change is in the now, and change happens when you let go in the now.

Today’s Exercise

As you go about your day, an inspiration will hit where you could give something to someone for no reason whatsoever. Give to that person, and bless that person, and affirm that the blessings will be magnifed.

And then let go. You can feel good about it, but you cannot talk about it to others, you cannot share it, you can only know that your gift is magnified.

How does that make you feel?

Tending the Garden of Thoughts

In Mark’s office, there is a whiteboard that has a bunch of colored words diagrammed on it. I’ve seen this whiteboard in his office everywhere we’ve lived. But I’ve never really asked him about it.

On the whiteboard, there is a diagram explaining that we are the farmers, and our thoughts are the garden.

  • What seeds will we plant?
  • What manifestations are weeds?
  • What are the plants we wish to cultivate?

If you’ve done any gardening, or have simply cared for a house plant, you know that a garden takes some effort. You need to ensure your plants have adequate food and water, and that unwanted plants need to be culled so that they don’t crowd out and steal nutrients from the plants you do want to grow into abundance.

If you don’t tend to your garden, then the plants most suited to the environment will take over and expand.

Some things do better than others, as with most gardens.

Our garden in Mount Shasta is amazing. It was arranged by someone who really knows gardens and plants, but it still has weeds. Weeds. Some plants really thrive in this soil and crowd out other plants I’d really like to thrive!

There is a type of native American planting called Three Sisters where corn, green beans, and squash grow together. This trinity of plants, when planted together, creates a interdependent, supportive, sustainable environment that produces copious amounts of all three plants.

Beliefs grow in your mind in much the same way. Mark calls them belief constellations, groups of beliefs that work together, supporting each other, nurturing each other, and working in symbiotic interdependence.

What makes a belief flourish?

What makes a belief wither and die?

Beliefs need to be cultivated and supported by other beliefs within the same mind.

If you plant the belief seed that “I have more money than I will ever need,” but you have planted beliefs that you have to work hard in order to have anything you want right next to it, the beliefs are competing and will not work well together. The hard work belief tends to grow in rocky soil, an environment that has been tainted with energy of “people need to prove they deserve good things” and feelings of undeservingness.

Mark’s work with people unravels constellations. Often, he notices that when he starts to unravel one belief system, other beliefs begin to disintegrate. They’re not in fertile soil anymore.

You can’t plant a cactus in the snow. And you can’t plant a shade-and-water-loving hosta in the desert.

So, what do we do.

1. Provide fertile ground. Optimism, faith, and conscious attention to our awareness create an environment where growth, change, and new experiences that support and create new beliefs can take root. Miracles take place first in the mind, when we make ourselves humble and vulnerable enough to allow something to challenge those long-held (but often non-productive) belief systems. The most powerful point of change can often challenge who we think we are.

2. Know your environment and work with it. We might say that our garden is primarily a vegetable garden, when the inspired feelings within us feel like a lavender garden! Lavender would be much easier to grow, but if we have a lot of self worth tied into begin a vegetable garden, then were going to have trouble.

For example, I am a writer. I have always been a writer. Even as a young child, my room was full of papers, stories, and journals. It is my gift. It always has been my gift.

But I felt the need to make my mark on the corporate world, so I was a computer programmer for a long time. I wasn’t a very productive programmer, considering. But now that I’ve analyzed what my gifts are and started writing again, my garden is flourishing.

Ironically, I found that even though I called myself a programmer, I was still writing daily. As I wrote, I started attracting more and more financial abundance into my world. There was a time in which I was writing more and more about the topics that interested me, and I was programming, too. The more I wrote, the more I earned. But I earned all my money from my programming job.

I held beliefs that programming was where the money was. But in retrospect, I can see that it was the writing – the lavender – that was creating wealth in my world. But I was only allowing the wealth to come in from the vegetable garden.

3. Find and use good belief seeds. There are plenty of books and web sites about manifestation that will give you an analysis of beliefs that are good to plant. We’ll discuss more of them in the next week. But take this one now… “I have more money than I will ever need, and I am worth (or I deserve) every penny of it.”

4. Weed regularly. It is important that you turn your attention to your garden daily. The thoughts you have will show you where the beliefs have taken root in your mind. Pull them as soon as you recognize them. Do not allow them to continue pulling energy, nutrients, and faith from the beliefs that you would rather have. But don’t worry too much about thought weeds. We’ll talk more about how manifestation actually happens during week two. Even if you have thoughts that feel counter productive, sometimes those thoughts can provide nourishment to your environment.

Sometimes thoughts will crop up and they might have value, but not in relation to what you are cultivating now. For example, we have a lot of volunteer tomato and squash plants in our garden this year. Some of them cropped up in the midst of the carrots. I’ve had to say goodbye or move a few of those volunteers because they didn’t fit in the space they came into.

5. Faith is water. It is the energy that activates new beliefs to take hold. Faith gets a bad rap sometimes. But whether you believe in God with a capital G or you are an atheist, you are believing on faith. You believe something to be true and you have faith in your belief. You cannot prove God’s existence either way. You just believe. Faith is the water that nurtures belief. Without faith, belief cannot take hold and support other beliefs.

Above all, you must have the faith in the belief that the universe is a benevolent place that provides all you need, want, and desire… and even more than that. Anything undesireable that happens is either a push towards letting go of undesirable beliefs or patterns.

These are my three-sister belief seeds, that I believe when planted together, create a sustainable environment of life-giving abundance.

1. I have more money than I will ever need. My bank accounts are now overflowing.
2. I deserve every penny of it.
3. Everything that happens in my life moves me towards greater good in my life. My life keeps getting better.

Those seeds might not work well in your garden environment. What does for you? What three beliefs would you like to cultivate that will work in harmony?


Authentic Manifestation

We’ve done a lot of work on ourselves in the last week, and we’ve explored a lot of our personal power quite honestly. The rest of The Wealth Diet experiment should be a lot more fun. Because honestly? Manifestation is supposed to be fun!

We’ve also explored a couple of techniques that we’ve used to manifest physical experiences, both immediate and long term.

Here’s a question for you. When you did those exercises yesterday to manifest your future reality, did you take your authentic self with you?

Did you speak your truth? Did you bring your less than perfect parts of yourself with you?

Did you imagine your perfect income level, and were you honest about the parts of yourself that are truly you? Or were you trying to be someone else’s picture of you? Or were you trying to model yourself after someone else?

Being someone other than who you are isn’t going to make you happy. You can take pieces of people with you, you can learn from other people, but there is no one else who can be you.

Today, if you choose to look at your dreams come true, what can you insert into that picture that is completely you? What about those authentic parts of yourself, the parts of yourself that are really you, even the worst parts of yourself, are those a part of your manifestation efforts?

There is a lot of power in taking the less-than-savory and leveraging those parts of yourself to create a better life moving forward. Not only does it make your future manifestations more realistic and more believable, it lightens your load.

Say, for example, there is something you dislike about yourself. Let’s say that you complain more than you would like. But you would like to have a $2 million dollar house. Let’s say you do have that $2 million dollar house, but you also now have even more to complain about! What would those complaints be? Play with those!

Let’s say that you have a temper. It’s pretty easy for you to get ticked off. And you have that $2 million dollar house now, and boy, you’ve got something that just ticks you off about it!

Let’s say you have $10 million dollars in the bank. Have you thought about how much accounting work you will have to do to keep track of $10 million dollars? Well, as someone who does a lot of accounting, I will tell you that you will have to do a lot of accounting when you have $10 million dollars. If accounting scares, you, you can leverage accounting fears to talk about how you are taking a class online or hiring a trusted adviser to help you with all of that money. You can complain about how much accounting you have to do. You can complain about the complexity of the tax situations you now find yourself in, and you can also find ways to envision how you might handle those.

No matter what you are creating, there is a magical upside. There is also a not-so-magical down side. It is a part of our dual universe. If you are creating something outside of your norm, you will also create a problem to solve. Put some effort into manifesting those “negatives” — I like to think of them as growth opportunities — that will inevitably show up to show you how your manifestation could be even more amazing.

Use your negatives as leverage to create a dream. Use your fears. And by doing so, you start to create ease of spiritual growth by applying the fun and playfulness of manifestation to those negatives. It lightens your load, makes the fun of manifestation apply to even the dark and mucky stuff. You start to find that awful things, like IRS audits, become much more pleasant experiences. Also, you prepare yourself emotionally for what could happen, mitigating the difficulties and opening up to the possibilities that you could actually start creating even more.

You find that you are able to let go more, allow fun and playfulness in, and allow yourself to love yourself more. After all, even the worst things about you are helping you create the life of your dreams.

Here’s something else to consider. Whatever you’re focusing on manifesting — a house, a car, a new job, a new income level — there is also something beyond that. That income level won’t always stay at that level, so start thinking even bigger than that. The car will eventually depreciate and fall apart. It will get scratched and show wear and tear, so consider what happens after that. By considering everything beyond your creation, then you will open yourself towards an even larger manifestation.

Today’s exercise

Let’s do that writing exercise again, still focused on our longer term goals, whatever they may be. But let’s also leverage the less than perfect parts of ourselves to make that even more believable, more real, and more freeing. I’ve given some examples of how to do this. It could be your emotional patterns, but it could also be your proclivities… even if you’re in that $2 million dollar house, you’re still walking around in sweatpants! Nothing wrong with that, if that is what feels good to you!

Allow yourself to be who you are, love even the darkest parts of yourself, and open yourself to playing with All That Is.

It is my experience that All That Is, source energy, your higher self, it is all just waiting for you to come out of your expectations and play play play.

Manifesting Anything

The other day, I explained how I was able to manifest income levels and a car through some manifestation techniques. I also talked about authenticity, and how important it is to create something that aligns well with your authentic self. It is disempowering to manifest something and be weighed down by its existence, and it will unconsciously turn you off to manifesting anything at all. Why do something that created something “bad?”

But there are things you can create that won’t weigh you down. Parking spaces seemed to be all the rage as a starter manifestation a while ago. But I would imagine you can think a little bigger than that. 🙂

Of course, creating a good parking spot is a great place to play. And really, this exercise is all about playing!

Even when I was creating the Audi, one of my manifesting friends said, “Think even bigger than that!” It really is up to you what you would like to create. Cars… also very popular, but they depreciate faster than anything I can imagine. Houses, well, my brother jokes, “Houses are for people who don’t like their money very much.” I said the same thing about kids, but at least you can train them to clean and make themselves useful eventually! 😉

Here are the techniques. They work. How quickly they work is dependent upon your beliefs and what you’re trying to manifest. Choose wisely, stay away from Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men, and watch miracles happen.

Remember, the universe is pulsing. It creates itself and re-creates itself multiple times a second based upon the rockets of desire from consciousness… your consciousness. You are a co-creator, and the methods are simple.

It is about your focus, and where you place your attention. Here are some exercises to play with your attention and focus towards creating your dreams.

Paper Brainstorm Manifestation Method
The first exercise is something I call my Paper Brainstorm Manifestation Method. Other people may have devised something similar. And I just named it now, so if I am stealing someone else’s idea, well sorry! But I’ve been doing this for over 25 years. It works, even for a silly kid who had no idea what she was doing!

How do you write? Do you write on paper best or a computer? Get a blank sheet of paper or a blank word processing document up.

Now, start breathing slowly. Choose a spot in the room, or in the distance outside, a tree, a light fixture, whatever strikes you. Breathe in and count one. Breath out and count two. Go to six, then start over. Do this a few times until you feel light and your mind is quiet. Let your eyes go soft. Start seeing that object of your loose focus and imagine you’ve never seen it before. Explore it as if you are from a different planet. What could that thing possibly be? This playful exercise clears your mind.

Next, turn your attention to the paper in front of you. Begin writing what you want as if it exists right now. It has to be something greater than what your conscious mind thinks possible. For example, “I receive over $20,000 a month.” Whatever thoughts start coming, they might feel like affirmations, thoughts about what you would like. “I have peaceful relationships with everyone in my life.” You must describe it as if it exists right now. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Of course, it DOES exist right now. You’re just going to either pull it into your current reality… or jump into that reality… or maybe merge multiple realities together… depends on what feels like more fun to you.

This exercise STARTS with what you chose to want, but you have to let you unconscious mind start speaking to you here. Whatever wants to come out comes out. Desires, hopes, dreams, wishes. Just keep going with it. Don’t think, don’t judge, don’t stop to wonder if it is possible. Just keep pouring out those desires from within you. If you’ve ever brainstormed with a group of people, this is kind of like that. Except it is you, conscious, unconscious, and even deeper than that… all pouring out a whole host of things that you really really want.

Follow the feeling of your manifestation. If it doesn’t feel like “whooo hooo! my dreams have all come true!!” with an amazing rush, then dig deeper. Loosen up. Find that feeling of childlike exuberance! PLAY!

Give yourself a few minutes to do this. Imagine you have a timer going, and that you have to write as many things down as possible as quickly as possible. You can’t guess if it is right or proper, you just have to get it out there. Describe your creation in as much detail, as quickly as you can.

The speed is a mind trick to get the conscious mind to stop judging and guessing. Your conscious mind needs to step aside and let your deeper self express what it wants. Conscious mind wants to figure out how to do this or whether or not it is possible. Sorry conscious mind. Do you need some accounting to do, perhaps? We’re going to have some fun here!

Then stop. IMMEDIATELY go do something else and stop thinking about these things. You have created something, and it already exists. You have put it on paper, and now it exists on paper, as a loose brainstormed plan, on paper. If you think too much about it, conscious mind will start to dissect your creation and insert all kinds of conditions.

I’ve done this exercise many times to create things. It amazes me how well it works. I think the power in it is that you get centered, let it all flow, then LET GO. If you hold on to your creation for too long, then you suffocate it somehow.

When I learned Matrix Energetics a few years ago, Richard Bartlett explained it better than me. He uses this same technique of getting centered, letting the ideal come in, and then letting go… except he uses it to heal people of some pretty major illnesses. I tried really hard to be a skeptic and disbelieve in what he was doing. But I saw him straighten scoliosis, amongst a lot of other things.

I also saw him work on Mark. That was fun to see!

Miracles happen every day. Your money problem? It could pop out in an instant… if you let go and allow it to disappear. Your dream home? Dream job? Dream soul mate? Just let it exist for a few minutes and see what happens!

This is the same process I used to create a business from 0 dollars per year to 120K per year in less than 6 months. I also used it to create opportunities for a better job with a better company, more benefits, more opportunities to learn. That job doubled my income in 4 months.

It works.

Exercise 2 – I Spy

You remember this game as a kid, right? I spy… an Audi! I played this game for about 30 minutes a day on my morning commutes into Chicago. I scanned cars on the highway, in parking lots, looking for Audis. I would count up how many I manifested by the end of the commute.

Spirit would play with me. I’d end up at the Metro station in Chicago, and there would sometimes be this Volkswagen there with Virginia plates and the license plate number containing 8888 in it. Well, when you’re playing I Spy and you’re looking for Audis, those 8’s grab your attention. I laughed. Well, close, it looks like an Audi.

Hahaha, and just as I finished writing that… word count showed “888.” Spirit is still playing with me.

I knew that an Audi felt like somewhat of a stretch for me. My car at the time? A lovely (i.e., crappy!) old used Plymouth Sundance my father had given me after he closed his business. Yes, I went from a Plymouth Sundance to an Audi A4 with a 2.8 engine. It was the first car I had ever bought with my own money. And it was vastly different than any other car I had driven before.

I know that playing with my external world, making it appear less external and more in tune with my inner desires was a big part of me knowing I could make that jump. I also set a rule… as soon as I had $40,000 in the bank after my bills were paid, I would buy the Audi.

Your external reality, your daily experience, it really isn’t as external as it feels. It is a representation of your inner world.

And if you don’t believe that, it’s okay. I really don’t believe that anything in a movie is real, but I suspend my disbelief so that I can enjoy the film.

Suspend your disbelief in what seems so very real to you in order to make reality more malleable. This is how you manifest miracles. Start imagining that this external world of yours is a holographic representation of your beliefs, and then start to play with your beliefs. Maybe you can’t manifest an Audi in your garage in the next 10 seconds, but perhaps you can manifest one driving by your house in 10 seconds.

I started mentioning to Mark that maybe I would like an Audi again some day. (I sold it and bought a hybrid.) He mentioned that he would like to have a Lexus. Within 30 seconds, a car carrier passes us on the highway with an Audi and a Lexus on board. “Well that’s kinda nice!” we commented to each other. Another reminder… reality is here to play with us, but we have to be willing to play with it!

You can do this without much of an investment, but the payoff is huge. Seeing how much your reality is formed by your beliefs, thoughts, and desires opens up the stage. What if it could be so much more?

The Real Payoff

The real payoff from playing these games with reality is to teach yourself how flexible your reality is.

I have been playing this game with my upcoming IRS audit. I keep dissipating the energy and fear around it, and I imagine the auditor and my enrolled agent just doing their jobs. They find some things I could have done better and make me a list of actions they would like me to take for future returns, but they find nothing wrong. They allow the deductions I have taken and applaud my accuracy. They tell me all is well, make the adjustments they need, and then we are done.

In response to my efforts of treating this as “just another business meeting,” I received notice this morning that the audit is postponed, again, until next week. Oooh, goody, more time for me to dissipate this boulder on my path!

And the more it has been postponed, the more I have learned, the more I feel better about it, and the more I feel in control of my reality.

You see, I created this audit. I did it by diving into a money manifestation exercise that included the words, “I never want to worry about money ever again.” Had I not had the audit, I would not have found Diane, who is everything I have ever wanted in a bookkeeper and adviser and more. And I am so on top of my accounting work now, it’s dazzling. I am in better shape financially than I have ever been in my life. Thanks to my audit, that will just be a pleasant experience of reviewing my stellar bookkeeping!

This is my life, your life is yours. Reality is more flexible, malleable, and a reflection of your creation. It is becoming even more so than you ever imagined before.

Can you manifest money on the sidewalk?

How many times have you walked over pennies? Dollars? Twenty dollar bills? I’ve seen people walk over them constantly. I see the money laying there, and no one is picking it up. Maybe I am the only one seeing it? Or maybe reality is playing with me?

Just a couple of months ago, I wondered if I could make cash appear on the ground. I found $20 a few days later.

My good friend Bill recently won thousands of dollars in Las Vegas. I asked how he did it. The short answer: he played the slots. No really, he played with the slots. He went up and asked the machine to play with him, approaching the machine as if it was a part of his reality and asked it to play. He, like me, has been playing with reality constructs for decades, and he decided that slot machines were just as much fun to play with as anything else.

Now, I’m not saying to go gamble, buy lottery tickets, or even buy a car. These are some ideas to discover how much reality is willing to play with your wildest dreams.

I’d love to hear some of your experiences with this. You are such an amazing group of people… certainly some of you have created some miracles like this, too.

Thank you for reading, for participating, for commenting. I am learning so much from you all! I wish I had more time to play here!

How to attract wealth by paying taxes

No this is not a new way to figure out how not to pay more taxes than you already have to. 🙂

It is about how you can change your mindset about taxes so it can help propel you into wealth.

First off, if you haven’t formed a business, I would highly recommend you do so. Even a small one that might be a hobby with possibility to grow into a money maker.

If you make money by a paycheck, you can be in a loss situation at the end of the year and still have to pay taxes. But in a business if you play it right, you won’t have to pay any taxes on a loss and you might even get some money back.

When you profit in a business, you can buy new things for you and your business that can improve your business and write it off as an expense.

Several years ago I had a conversation with a friend about paying taxes and the burden it put on everyone. I told my friend about a man I knew who was a customer of mine. He worked for the IRS and the CID, the Criminal Investigation Division. Not too long after 9/11 happened, he told me a secret. Coming from an IRS man, I didn’t know if this secret would be a good thing or not. He said, “I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but…” and then he looked both ways and leaned into me with his left hand covering the side of his mouth so no one could hear. It was a scene that to me looked like it was straight out of the movies.

He told me that right before 9/11 happened, our government was on track to completely change the IRS and go to a flat tax system.

I could actually feel relief in my body considering a flat tax as opposed to the current IRS code, which is now 3 times the size of Shakespeare’s complete works.

He said, “It’s true. We were were briefed and were already training to implement the new system. But after 9/11 they immediately canned the whole system.”

I was amazed he told me this and more amazed that the complete change of the tax system almost happened.

The feeling of relief that came over me after considering the possible change was interesting. I decided to got down that path to see what I could discover.

What i came up with was that i was feeling a pressure from the concept of the IRS making people pay money. It was a resistance to the whole thing.

A resistance to The IRS and taxes automatically creates a resistance to money/wealth.  Somewhere within the system, this is creating a block for many of us.

I didn’t expect to feel relief from hearing this rumor from the IRS man. To me, it was a clue about how I might be stopping my own flow.

The question i started to ask myself was: “How can I re-frame the idea of taxes and the IRS into something that opens me up instead of causing a repulsion in me?”

Just considering this idea created some very uncomfortable feelings in me. I could hear my inner parts fighting. “Are you kidding me, do you really want to consider thinking about taxes in a good way,” “this is crazy,” ” I wont do it! I won’t give them that positive energy!”

Alternatively I would say, “But I cannot escape it, so if i have to do it why torment myself? I might as well set up a internal system that makes me feel good when the subject comes up.” And, “I am not silly enough to believe it too much that i want to vote for even more taxes, but just enough to give me relief and work as a positive in creating wealth.”

So how did i re-frame taxes to help bring in more wealth? This time the wealth would primarily be my feelings. I mean why not? We want wealth to feel good, so why not let myself feel it on the way to wealth with something I cannot get away without doing.

Here are some of the re-frames:

If at the end of the year I owe several thousand to the IRS then why not spend some of that money on new equipment or office supplies or education. Maybe research and development, or a industry conference/seminar. The IRS really wants me to spend the money to improve my business. They want me to spend my money on other businesses buying thing to improve their business. If all businesses spend this money at the end of the year, it helps the economy flow, which means some of that should come my way and it’s one great big circle.

I am investing in new thing that work, and I can give things away that are old and help others who may need it and cannot afford it. I might even be able to get a donation deduction.

I think of other countries I have visited and noticed old equipment that might be unclean or dangerous, and I think if they had a choice to pay the government taxes or use that same money to buy new equipment, they would buy new equipment and their customers will have more value and a safer environment.

People can be miserly. Being taxed if you don’t invest in new equipment is an incentive to keep the money flowing, and flow is good for me, you, and the country.

I think that even though we don’t like to be forced into something, I would like to think that someone who was involved in the tax code knew that they would cause the money to flow and cause up to spend and not be scrooges. They understood the dynamics of money flow.

Have you come up with any ideas or re-frames I didn’t that you can share with The Wealth Diet group? Please feel free to share them!

When you pay your taxes or file your return, can you envision putting that envelope in the mailbox and imagine the taxes you’ve paid coming back to you multiplied?

What other beliefs do you have about taxes that creates an energy block for you?