Abundant Relationships

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I commented to a friend that time seems to be speeding up. Our manifestations are happening faster and faster, and it seems that we are powerless to stop the reorganization of our worlds, individually and collectively, towards our greater good. And like a good labor, the pain of working through this experience of rebirth is not exactly comfortable.

We can either blame everything outside of ourselves, or we can look within. Within our hearts, we find the knowledge of what our hearts desire most. I cannot tell you what that is. Only your heart knows.

You know what is there, but do you know it is already yours? Or does the change that must occur to have it manifest in this reality scare you? Are you holding structures in your experience to prevent what you desire most from manifesting in your world?

There are three levels of mental experience for any manifestation of wealth.

  • You can hope it happens.
  • You believe it will happen.
  • You know it is going to happen.

Where are you on your manifestation path. When you write down all of your desired manifestations of wealth, what does your body tell you about where it is in your field of experience?

Because of the rapidity of our manifestations in this new reality, the time it takes to go from hope to knowing is much shorter than it ever has been before.

But if you are in a relationship that is sucking your life force dry, and you hope to live a happy vibrant and joyful life, there is something that must change. Holding on to things that no longer serve you takes a tremendous amount of effort, and they do not sustain you spiritually, emotionally, or even physically. At some point, you will be asked to let go.

Letting go, and doing so with love for yourself and others, is critical to your own growth. And it is likely critical to those around you who need freedom to explore their manifestations as well.

It is always invigorating to find someone who shares your hopes, dreams, and wishes. It is incredibly powerful to manifest as a group of people, even if that group has only 2 members. But at some point, those desires will go different ways. Conflict will arise. And you may need to let go.

Even in the relationships of parent and child, there is a very gradual letting go. Kids grow up and move out. You’ll never stop being mom or dad, but how manifestation happens in that group changes as the individual needs change.

Putting your own needs, desires, hopes on hold because you’re trying to keep the peace in a relationship doesn’t serve you, and it doesn’t even serve the person you’re sacrificing for. Sometimes you have to let go. And letting go might happen a little bit, or it might happen a lot. Each situation is different.

The answer lies in your heart. And you already know what it is. It’s been with you since the beginning of time.

Today’s Exercise

I’m not going to encourage the ending of any marriages or anything! But today, we look at our relationships. How do they serve  us, how do they not. What pieces are working, what pieces are not. And those answers are found in our heart. Does your relationship give you joy?

  • What is your hope, dream, or wish for your relationships?
  • What do you believe to be true about your relationships?
  • And what do you know in your heart about your relationships?

Do this for all of your relationships. Look for ways to remove some of the structures that bind you, or to establish structures that serve you.

When a relationship serves you and supports your heart’s desire, it is magical. But that magic can disappear just as soon as it shows up. Stay conscious of areas where compromise causes you to sacrifice the music of your heart.

Intuitive Wealth

Edit: Hey everyone, Mark decided to withhold the audio for now. I’ll try to encapsulate the points of the post, but I’ve got to get through some things here today.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Here is an audio Mark did yesterday just for you from his hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Right click to download and listen at your leisure.

Make sure you listen all the way to the end. Mark gives you a method of saving and building your wealth that creates wealth quickly and securely.


Your Probable Life

In the news: It is apparently alarmingly easy to create false memories for people. Remember how easy it is to create false memories for yourself! Choose some good ones.

As you think back, what events do you think shaped who you are now?

If you think back 5 years ago or so, there was a fork in the road of your life. There was a decision that you made that created a basis for your life. There were forks 10 years or even 1 year ago. Maybe there were some decisions made yesterday that affected your experience today.

Those decisions when traced along a linear timeframe, lead you to where you are now. Are there decisions that you made in the past that you would rather change?

Did you think that perhaps you should buy Apple stock right after Steve Jobs took the reins again? What would your life be like had you put your life savings in AAPL at that time? What would your life be like if you had purchased the domain name business.com and sold it later for millions?

Did you know there is another you, a probable self, in another world or reality that you created through a dream state that did those things and even more?

You see, there is a theory that says that we are experiencing a holographic universe full of infinite probabilities. Every time we consider a decision, we think through the ramifications of that decision, and we wonder what our life might be like if we make one decision over another, we end up creating another reality with our thoughts.

Your friend calls and invites you to lunch. You consider going, imagining yourself sitting at the restaurant and maybe even what dish you would choose.

We follow logic or a feeling, and we decide. Our focus then turns towards the chosen experience. But there is another experience that happened, just not here in this reality. It is still real. It still exists, very much so, in another reality.

I’ve heard this called our “probable selves.”

Other thoughts of outcomes are more momentous. Should I move here? Or there? Get married? Take a trip? Attend a life-changing seminar? Embark upon an exercise program? Become a vegetarian? Start a new business? Enter a relationship? Leave one?

You create possible outcomes as you imagine each decision.

Think about someone who is overweight. They did not become overweight overnight. There were a series of smaller decisions, pie or a salad perhaps, that built up into a condition that exists in our known physical world. According to the theory of probable selves, there is another version of that person in another reality that chose salad, exercise, and water instead of pie, sitcoms, and soda.

Can we tap into that other person who made the healthy decision? While we cannot change time, we have control over a number of things.

We can control our memories. We can control our emotions and our desires. And we can control the now. We can use what we have available to tap into the probable self that exists in a healthy universe. That creation exists in another reality.

Let’s try to pull it in so that it can intersect with where we are now, so we can begin to re-shape the reality that exists in our current experience by leveraging the reality that we didn’t choose.

Today’s exercise. Find some old pictures of yourself. Consider decisions, or even better a specific decision, that was made around that timeframe. Begin to imagine what other decisions you could have made during that timeframe. What was their probable outcome?

I started this exercise myself, and I was looking for a photograph from a specific timeframe, about 15 years ago. However, I found a bunch of college photos, bunches of them, which leads to me to believe that perhaps what I am trying to change could be most helped if I go back even further.

I then begin to look in my mind for patterns of memories, both good and bad. I am finding more good memories, so I solidify those by allowing the good feelings to flow over me. I then search for some negative memories, fears mostly, and think of how brave my probable self is to feel the fear and assert myself in certain areas anyway.

As I follow those negative memories, areas in which I doubted myself, where I doubted the fact that I live in a safe universe, I begin imagining my life if I had made a different decision and how different my life is now because of this.

Now, we’re not going to undo any of the good you have in your life. This is only partly a Ray Bradbury novel! We’re gong to keep the good we have, and intersect with even more good.

This exercise will bring in different thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that will help you tap into your full potential.

Heart Healing

We’ve been taught for years that our brain is the supercomputer that runs the show. But research is now showing us that there is much more wisdom, knowledge, and power in the rest of our body.

Scientists are finding that some of that power is not even part of our physical organism. They’re finding that the bacteria that lives in our gut holds many keys to our well being.

Mark’s latest research in the area of change management shows that there is more power in your heart. It’s showing that you can change someone’s mind much more quickly by changing their heart. It doesn’t work conversely; you cannot change someone’s heart by affecting their brain.

Kind of explains why a logical argument doesn’t appeal as much as an emotional argument.

I consider myself very intelligent. I’ll claim that. But sometimes I do things, illogical and irrational, that make no sense. What decision making process am I following in those instances?

I surrender to my heart.

Have you ever done heart-centered meditation? If so, share your experience with this.

I am finding great power and knowingness in my heart. My heart speaks calmly, deeply, and with great knowing. It does not try to be right, it already is right. It feels compassion, depth, and empathy. And it feels this equally for myself and others.

Our beingness is changing. Manifestations are happening much more quickly, and we can no longer rely on external information to drive our brain-based decisions. We are being asked to explore our consciousness in order to know all of who we are.

We are not logic. We are not rational. We are love.

And, all that is, source, the Divine, is love. It is playful, giddy, unabashed love.

The wealth you seek is love. The material possessions you want is love. The freedom from lack you seek holds a place where you can experience that love.

Heart-centered consciousness, what flows in and through you from you heart is pure, unconditional love.

This may all sound very predictable, but I assure you that when you begin to experience this love, life changes. Your experience of other people changes. Your experience of yourself changes, and you begin to connect with a larger awareness, more knowingness, and a flow in your life that is very different than anything your brain can ever tell you.

In order to navigate our new reality, we must access more centered parts of ourselves that have far more wisdom in them. It doesn’t mean we ignore outside information. Gravity still exists. 🙂 It just means that to fully explore all of who we are, we must go to the heart and the gut for our knowledge and centeredness.

These places hold knowledge of who you really are.

In the heart, there is no fear. There is only love, fun, and abundance.

Here’s an example of what happened just today, thanks to heart energy. My son, Max, has a bad habit of chewing on his lips to the point of extreme chapping. He has a container of lanolin that he uses to combat it, because chapstick burns his lips. After doing my heart meditation this morning, I had an impulse to check the closet where our landlord is storing some things. In a box, I found a tube of Lansinoh, something that nursing mothers use when they get chapped nipples. It’s primary ingredient is lanolin… just what Max needed. It wasn’t a psychic type of thing, just a knowing that I could find something in there to help the kid. Being heart centered gives you a knowing beyond anything you can ever learn with your brain.

Today’s Exercise

Get to know your heart. Sit quietly and meditate for 5 minutes, or longer if you wish, but this doesn’t take long. Begin to breathe, and as you breathe in and out, put your attention on your heart. Begin to think of those you love, and how much you love yourself.

If you exercise at all, even if it is only walking, pay attention to your breath. Breathe into your heart.

As you go into your heart, you can find that you understand your life from a much deeper perspective. The challenges that exist are rather silly, actually. The nasty things someone says feel like a child having a tantrum. Forgiveness is easier. Loving is easier. And flowing your true self is easier.

Play with your heart energy today. It is more powerful than your head, and it is waiting there for you to access it.

Just as I found that tube of lanolin for Max, what problem can your heart solve for you today? Where will your heart lead you to find exactly what you need, what will help you, what will lead you towards whatever you need to experience true abundance?

Health is Your Greatest Wealth

It’s often been said that if you have your health, you have everything. Yet so many of us take our good health for granted! It is when we don’t have the best health that we end up feeling the need for wealth in that arena.

The principles of manifestation can be applied to your health, and I suggest that you do so regularly. Are you dealing with a chronic condition? A new one? A slight sickness? A need to lose weight?

You have great control over your manifestations of health, but it requires an ability of seeing beyond the current condition.

The important principles to remember are:

  • Your current condition is a reflection of your beliefs.
  • Your current condition can change in an instant.
  • You have control over your current condition.

Do your belief work

Whatever is troubling you, dig around your beliefs. What you do you believe about yourself or the world? Do you feel that you live in a safe universe?

Are you getting something from an undesired chronic condition? Does an illness make people treat you differently? Do you use extra weight to keep yourself hidden or protected from attention?

It is important to understand how and why a condition or experience is in your reality. You learn much about yourself by exploring those beliefs, needs, and desires. But they also hold no power over you.

Weight loss is a big deal issue in our abundant society, and if you aren’t on a media detox, you’re going to get a lot of unconscious messages about weight. I really recommend doing a complete detox if you’re trying to lose weight. There is no product, no gym membership, nothing you can throw money at in order to lose weight.

You cannot “get rid” of extra weight or an illness. Manifestation is a creative process. You must apply conscious creation towards the condition. You have to create the new you by concentrating on the desired goal rather than the current condition.

What belief constellations are working in harmony to keep you where you are physically? Do you desire greater health, energy and well being? What steps can you take in order to manifest that? Can you let go of whatever caused you to create the condition? Can you move past the fear of what your life might be like if you do have that much energy?

If you have more energy flowing through your life in wealth and abundance, you are also going to be doing more, you’re going to be seen more, and you are going to be criticized by people who are still asleep and unaware of what they’re doing. Can you do it anyway?

Today’s Exercise

Can you use the creative power of your mind to see yourself in perfect health? What does that look like? You can use the exercise of writing out what your life looks like with abundant energy, great health, and feeling good every day.

Do you have a chronic condition that you would like to heal? Can you turn your creative powers towards creating a healthy self?

My issue will be allergies. They aren’t nearly as bad as they were in Austin (the allergy capital of the world!) but winter molds get me sometimes here in Mt. Shasta. I’d like to experience a clear feeling in that area. So I will concentrate on how great it feels to have clear breathing and clear sinuses. I focus on how fresh the air smells, how clear my head is.

I can’t concentrate on making the symptoms go away… only what it’s like when they’re gone.

The same thing applies to extra weight. You can’t will something away, you can only attract a different experience.

Do you know how to eat well and exercise? It doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to concentrate on that, unless it makes you feel good. Concentrate on the manifestation you’d like to experience instead. It makes doing the right thing flow effortlessly.

Your Net Worth is Your Self Worth

Admin Note: Thanks to everyone for patience this week while we’re going through the audit, and for the delays in getting posts up, and the nearly non-ability to respond to comments. I’m hoping to catch up in the next few days! IRS Audits: a lovely learning experience that I do not recommend.

As I drove home from dropping my son at school yesterday on a very cloudy Wednesday, I noticed this very small patch of sunshine on one of the mountains northwest of Shasta city. I thought, “How wonderful. No matter how cloudy it is, there’s still some sunshine somewhere!”

I thought about how the same is happening in my life, but the sunshine coming through is my own light. It’s coming through in small patches here and there, no matter what is happening, I can choose to let that light come through. Instead of clouds, though, it is my own worries and data, and I have control of how much of those block my light.

I felt very proud of myself, how I can still smile, laugh, and stay positive and optimistic and feel and see God manifest in my world in so many places no matter how much external stress demands my attention. I felt proud of how my EA has told me that I have done a very good job with the books and documentation, and I felt proud of how I’ve kept all of this together.

It was a small bit of pride, of feeling some self worth, and I find it interesting how much more powerful and focused that pride feels in the midst of challenges. It is almost like the external challenges could either crush me, or lift me up, and I chose to let them lift me up. It is much less challenging on this side of things, even on audit day.

I wonder why these challenges can focus my pride and help me feel and claim my self worth, while past challenges did not?

Boundaries and Borders

In Austin, there were many challenges to my self worth. Both Mark and I were taken advantage of, and as we would stand up to those challenges and face them, we were often beaten down, told we were crazy (I got the “hormonal” treatment; they loved that one for women.), or threatened.

In 2007, The Secret was a pretty big deal. Mark had an idea to do a hypnosis video with Joe to help people Install and Transcend The Secret. Mark paid for his flight to Austin to film and interview Joe, created the hypnosis video, and edited Joe’s interview into the product you know today. The cover photo was done by a friend of Joe and Pat’s, Rodney Bursiel. Joe told Mark to pay Rodney for the photo and use it on the product. The product launched, we paid for the expenses, and it made money. Joe took his 50% off the top, and we paid expenses for the video.

A few months later, Joe created a product called The Missing Secret for Nightingale Conant. They wanted Install and Transcend for the product. Joe asked Mark for it, no compensation offered. Mark was uncomfortable with that, and commented that he put a lot of work and expense into creating the product. Mark didn’t come right out and ask for compensation, instead feeling out Joe for what he wanted.

Joe’s response was “A good friend would give it to me. If I asked Pat for something, he’d drop everything, get in the car, and come over here to give it to me.”

At the time, Mark was developing Dreaming Abundance and Subliminal Manifestation Volume 4. He knew if he said no to Joe, the projects he was working on would be nixed.

Joe was famous for doing that kind of thing… pitting friends against each other in competition for Joe’s favor.

It wasn’t fair, of course, and Mark should have been compensated for using his idea, intellectual property, and work in Joe’s product. That would have been fair.

There were signs that this was how things worked in Wimberley, but this was the first time it was so egregious.

And we didn’t stand up to it out of fear. We put our own self worth on hold for money. And we did make money with Joe on subsequent projects, and we did endure more situations in which we were basically bullied to give Joe work, ideas, content, etc.

And it kept getting worse until Joe took Mark to Russia for 3 weeks, had him speak for 50% of the time, and refused to pay Mark upon return to Texas. That was the final straw.

I have to wonder, if we had stood up to Joe earlier and demanded what we wanted, what would have happened?

Where are there situations now that you have an external force, in this case Joe, challenging you to see how worthy you are? How are you responding to that challenge?

Are you claiming your worth in that situation? Are you establishing a boundary that honors who you really are?

Relationships and Wealth

Your wealth is reflected through your relationships. Someone is paying you… a boss, a customer, a client… what have you. Someone is reflecting your beliefs about your worth back to you through an energetic exchange of money.

This is why it is critically important that you establish what you are worth in your relationships. Contracts make this easier in situations like the one I described, though if you’ve got a customer or client who is averse to putting things in writing, that’s a red flag for sure.

How are you claiming your worth in your intimate relationships? Do you feel like you need to change who you are in order to receive love? Are you worthy of love because you are who you are?

Establishing your self worth in a relationship can be a frightening thing if it hasn’t been established from the beginning. You have to change the relationship’s structure, and the relationship may change too dramatically if it has been imbalanced.

With Joe, had we claimed Mark’s worth in the relationship, it would have been the end of the relationship, most likely. It certainly was when Mark asked to be honored with compensation for his work in Russia. (A pat on the back and saying “you saved my life,” which Mark certainly did, doesn’t cut it.)

But wouldn’t that have been better to do for us? How else would we have been rewarded by saying, “Yes, you can have ‘Install'” and adding a percentage price to the yes? We’ll never know, but now we have that knowledge going forward.

And it is a pleasure to see Mark developing and launching products from his own creativity, without having to put someone else’s picture on the front.

Self worth is your net worth. Claiming your worth is what you are here to do, to learn to love yourself, honor yourself, and love God through who you are. You can choose to claim your self worth through a proactive plan of loving yourself, or you can go the challenging route… and see what an amazing person you are to endure what you’ve got coming at you, and to endure it with grace, love, and self honor.

I recommend the proactive route!

Today, find an area of your life where you are unhappy, and ask to make a change. No matter how difficult, honor yourself and what you want as much as you can honor another person’s needs. As you do this in a small way, you send messages to the Universe that you are worth so much more than you have been letting into your experience. You send a message to the clouds in the sky of your life that they can part and let some sunshine in. You send a message to yourself that this is the new you, a honored person, who deserves wealth and abundance in just the right proportion to what you believe you deserve.

And so it is.

I love you.

P.S. This was a hard one to write, but it was an important lesson for us.

Intending the Highest Good

If you’ve worked with the Law of Attraction at all, you know that what you intend has magic. Directed intentions have an intense power behind them, so much so that miracles tend to happen when you speak your intentions.

Yesterday, I spent some rare time playing with one of my greatest teachers, Claire. (Yes, I am attempting to do all of these exercises with you!) It is amazing that a 3-year old can teach me so much, mostly about patience, attention and boundaries!

As Claire becomes engrossed in an activity, I play on my iPhone, checking on friends on Facebook. A new friend posts a video, and I decide it sounds interesting enough, so I start listening to it. It was a great video with an important message for Wealth Dieters… and I’ve shared the video below.

It resonated at a very deep level… not only because it mentioned Mount Shasta, but it mentioned intentions… and how important it is that we learn how to manifest, and to manifest well.

The video actually was an important message for me. You see, in the midst of the IRS audit, we also learned that we will likely lose our home for the past 2.5 years because our landlord, also a friend, has his mortgage very deeply underwater.

We’ve been somewhat resigned to the loss, and have investigated moving elsewhere. Mark doesn’t like snow or winter, and Mount Shasta certainly has it’s share of winter!

The day before I watched this video, I made a decision while talking with an adviser that I really don’t want to leave Mount Shasta. I love it here. It is my home on earth. I want to travel, explore, maybe escape winter for a few months, but I don’t want to leave Mount Shasta.

I also don’t want to leave my neighborhood. I love my friends here, I love my home, I love everything about this place. I love my life here!! It’s not perfect, but it is home.

If you’ve never been here, I can’t explain how etheric the environment is here. Magical. Dramatically so, sometimes more so than others. But the magic is always here.

As I listened to this video sitting in my beautiful backyard that is beyond glorious, in a neighborhood full of people I love, in the town and region of the earth that is my Home on Earth, the speaker, from Hawaii, tells a story about a visit to Mount Shasta. It is a magical moment where he manifested exactly what he needed and wanted by setting an intention.

The thing he wanted in the video is the very thing that I want to put in our backyard for summer, and it was something I was talking about with a friend the night before the video showed up.

Spirit works in a funny way, doesn’t it. It was rather magical how we ended up in Shasta in the first place. And now we’re getting magical messages to set the intention and manifest it.

I know this is the right answer for me because of how it feels in my body, how it feels in my heart, and how I begin to feel a lightening relief as I turn away from the possibility of a move.

This video has a lot of important messages in it about manifestation and how important it is for us to become extremely good manifesters, now. It tells us why it is important for us to stay conscious of our thoughts and beliefs, set intentions no matter how impossible they seem, and keep moving towards our desires.

Your mind has no idea. It might convince you that there is no logical way that something could possibly happen, but the evidence is becoming increasingly clear that logic doesn’t matter in the face of something that is desired.

Watch this video as your exercise today. Your thoughts and your beliefs create your world, and it is happening faster now than ever before.

What decisions do you need to make? What direction do you want to go? Does it logically appear impossible? Do you still want it even though it seems impossible?

What would happen if you were able to set an intention of the highest good every day? Would everything change for you?

Try setting an intention for what you really want. Do it for the larger, long term goals in your life, and do it also for your more immediate needs.

Today is our IRS audit, so forgive me for a lighter entry and borrowing content from a video. Forgive me for not being able to answer all of the comments in the last few days.

It’s funny… on the way from dropping my son Max off at school this morning, I realized that the monumental issues in my life right now might emotionally destroy someone who wasn’t able to focus on a positive outcome. The greatest thing about these “negative” experiences is that I’m discovering how powerful I am in the midst of them, how I can leverage them for the highest good, and how they’re creating a path for greater fulfillment.

And with that, I intend for the IRS audit to go very well and to end today, and for the next chapter in our lives to begin full of positive energy from this ending.

That is my intention for you, too. No matter what you’re facing, no matter the negatives, I know that you will find your deeper strength within and that watching it become manifest is going to be a joy-filled experience for you.