The End of The Wealth Diet, Also a Beginning

We’ve completed 30 days. I hope that this experience has been powerful for you, as powerful for you as it has been for me. It didn’t exactly play out exactly how I expected, but in some ways, it turned out better. And in actuality, it was exactly as it should have been.

I hope you see how powerful you really are, and how much this reality is just here for you to explore your power, claim it, and start manifesting a reality that mirrors your hopes and dreams… and most of all your joy.

Sometimes we have to let go of our power, explore powerlessness, so that we can evolve into greater power. Our fear keeps us in situations of powerlessness so that we can explore that contrast and make firm decisions that life can be much better than it ever was.

If this experiment was successful for you, it was because of you. I was just here to provide some ideas and insight based on my own experiences.  If it worked for you, you ran with it.

Creating wealth is not difficult. There are a lot of messages out there designed to divide you from your wealth and your power, and I really do believe that it is time for us to claim our individual power back. Collectively, as we all do this, we make great changes in the energy field of humanity, in the collective consciousness.

You do make a difference.

We did this for free for a reason. I feel that Spirit will pay us somehow for what we have given you, and this will turn into a book very soon.

If you are moved to provide a testimonial for our book, please do so in the comments below. If you are moved to pay for this experience in any amount of your desire, we will accept a donation via paypal to We are not asking you to do anything, however. Only if you feel so moved.

We will let you know when the book is printed (in the next few weeks), and you will have an opportunity for a signed copy at a deep discount.

Also, we would like to turn this into an experiment for others. I think it has value, and we are going to do a month long process like this again shortly. It may have some repeated content, but it will be very different. We will be charging for the experience next time, as this first time was an experiment for us too… but we feel we will have more to offer a paid program after our initial experiments.

Today’s Exercise

Of course, with every program you undertake, you discover things about yourself. We’ve unearthed things that are important to us, and things that are uniquely ours, good and bad. Today’s exercise is one of intent… it is one of intending to commit to a lifetime of self exploration, of self love, of attention mastery, and of deep, meaningful wealth.

Remember the totem from our day one exercise? You have imprinted this object as a reminder of what you really wanted at the start of this. Think of where you are now, and think of where you are en route to in your life. This totem will symbolize your expanded self, your deep love for yourself, and the reminder that you are deserving of all of the gifts of the universe.

May the magic of your experience continue to unfold, showing you all the ways you deserve love, wealth, and so much more. Keep the connection with your Source energy strong, and there is nothing you cannot overcome, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Your wildest dreams of experience are all here waiting for you. Right now. Your past is changed, it now is an experience of unfoldment that brought you to this place… to the place where you will find your heart’s greatest desire.

I love you.

Please forgive me for any transgressions. I am sorry.

And eternally grateful for the gift I received of your attention.

Blessings on your journey, now and always.

It is all a dream

Mount Shasta is known for a very different energy than elsewhere in the world.

For those who have not been here, it is hard to explain the energy. Everything feels slower here. The conscious mind slows. Meditating is much easier, for me at least. Connecting with Spirit is quite easy for me in this space, and it is easier even more the higher up the mountain I go.

For my day to day life, it feels like every day is a vacation day.

It doesn’t mean that we are immune to our challenges, and there are some people for whom prolonged exposure to Shasta’s different frequencies causes emotional issues.

But there is something very healing about this place, a divine field of feminine, receptive energy that makes consciousness feel much deeper than it does in other locales.

It feels unworldly. It feels, at times, like I am walking through a dream.

And so I am.

In other locales, it doesn’t necessarily feel so much like we are. It feels as if things are very real, very important, and quite as fluid.

This is to not say Shasta is better. I find it much easier to receive information here, however, writing and putting that information into form is a bit more challenging.

But, I feel the dreamlike state of our world much more readily here. Everything in my experience is a dream. And I have awakened to it.

I invite you to awaken to your dream. Because that’s all this is.

Your wealth, or lack thereof, is a dream state over which you have complete control. Your happiness is also a dream state over which you have control. And your health is also a dream state over which you have control.

It is meant to be fun, lively, open, flowing, and abundant. And the more you focus on this and suggest this to yourself, the more flowing, open, abundant and fun your experiment of this reality will be.

Have you ever given yourself suggestions before going to bed that you will dream certain dreams? Mark’s product, Dreaming Abundance, was conceived to do just this. It was developed so that you could leverage the power of your dream state to create abundance in 7 different areas of your life. However, you don’t need a product to do this. You can do it yourself. You can suggest to your mind what you would like to dream. You can even suggest that messages come to you in dreams.

You can suggest that you become aware that you are dreaming in your dream state. And in that aware state, you can begin to practice mastery over your reality where you are more open to believe that you are the creator of your experience.

By practicing mastery over reality in a state you know as a dream, you then start to also realize how our experience in this “real” reality is also as malleable as a dream state.

Today’s Exercise

Tonight, prior to going to sleep, ask your unconscious mind to show you how flexible your dream state is. Make a suggestion, any suggestion, to gain insight, a problem solved, or just a message to know that you are dreaming and that you can control your dreams.

Tomorrow morning, let us know what you got from your unconscious!

You are so much more consciousness than you allow yourself to be. This world appears to be so fixed, so external, such a force to be reckoned with. But you are the force. You are the one who creates this. And with a little help from All That Is, you are a great adventurer just waiting to explore the greatest wealth in the world: your own self.


How do you use your attention? Did you realize that energy (and money and wealth) follows wherever you put your attention?

Your attention, your ability to focus your consciousness towards a concept, idea, desire, or even a person, is the most valuable asset that you have. Mastering your use of attention is of primary importance in creating wealth.

Children crave attention from their parents. If they feel they aren’t getting enough attention, they often act out. In their experience, negative attention is still attention, and it is better than no attention at all.

I can think of some grown up children who are still doing things so that they may get attention from others. Attention feels lovely when you receive it, and so many of us search out attention through our interactions with others.

Many people also suffer from attention deficit disorder, an inability to control attention or focus. We work, many of us, in front of a computer with multiple applications and browser tabs open. When used wisely, these things are great tools for productivity. But when we are not proactive in our controlled attention, our focus drifts and wanders chasing the next shiny distraction from who we really are.

However, I would like you to think about attention as a resource that you have. There is no deficit, because your energy field of your soul is the source of attention.

Attention is a flow of energy. You are not designed to be a receiver of attention, you are designed to be a source of attention. Your attention is a tool. And by reframing your experience so that you are no longer seeking attention, but managing it as a source of providing attention, you whole life will change.

Imagine a child coming to you for attention, and instead of “oh no, but I have to get this done,” you take that opportunity to provide a source of attention. Watch how that child reacts to your gift of attention. She softens, opens, and gives you attention back. Your attention changes her experience, and it changes yours as well.

You give her attention, but through that attention, she becomes a source of attention, and wealth, for you.

How might these demands on your attention affect your wealth? Do you pay attention to your finances daily? Do you give attention to your possessions? Do you act as a source of attention to your business, your fields, your soul, and your friends? Your spouse? Your family?

How well do you manage this attention? Can you provide a source of attention to your neighbor as she describes something mundane to you? Or does your mind wander?

Meditation is a wonderful tool to get you used to managing your attention, and to invest that source of attention inwards. Exploring experience through your attention, perhaps by exploring bits and pieces of your body through focused attention, is a gift to all areas of your body.

In what areas of your life would you like to experience more wealth? Would you like to travel more, buy a new car, a new home, better furniture, go back to school, join a health club? Buy healthier food? In order to have a more general experience of wealth, think of the specific areas in your life where you would like to experience wealth now. More areas will reveal themselves to you.

Today’s Exercise

First, let’s explore our attention and gain some mastery over it. Find an object in the room you are now in, and explore it for 5 minutes. It can also be a tree or a bush outside, whatever strikes you. It could even be the back of your own hand. Give attention to that object for 5 minutes. If your mind wanders, bring your attention back.

Next, let’s do this with a person. The next conversation you have, or even if you’re just sitting with a loved one, give that person your full undivided attention. You don’t have to think up questions, or even save this task for a specific conversation. Just look at them. Pay attention to nothing else but this person. Explore their appearance, their choice of words, the way they hold themselves. Explore big observations and little observations, but give your full attention to this person. How does it make you feel about them? And how does it make them react to you? Do you notice a change in interacting with them?

Let’s pay attention to your finances. How often do you review your bank accounts? Your savings? Do you place your attention in this areas often or do you just let it sit in the account?

At then end of every month, place your energy and your attention on your savings to grow them. Even if it is only a few dollars a month, show the universe that you intend to have a big ol’ pile of savings by placing your attention on those accounts regularly. Even if you only put $5 a month into those accounts, put something there as a way of putting your attention on the experience of your savings growing.

And of course, make yourself the source and recipient of your own attention. There is no greater asset you can own that your own self, your emotions, your body, and your mental health. Do whatever you can to give good attention to your greatest asset.


Your Daily Work

Opening to your gifts is important as we address the idea of our daily work. You cannot create wealth through working without accepting gifts yourself.

We all have our daily work. Even the most enlightened must still chop wood and carry water. There is no escaping some daily work.

However, what “work” has turn into for us as a culture is very different. We buy homes and cars, and go deeply into debt, and work to pay off the debt for our possessions. Some of us have debt before we even leave college, immediately putting ourselves into a situation where we sacrifice who we are to pay debts.

It is deeply ingrained into our culture that we must work to earn money, and that we must trade our time for money. While that works for a time, and it can provide a level of experience that may be useful to you in the long term, it cannot be a lifetime of experience.

You know the type. The type A personality that immerses herself in her work, from morning until night, then collapses to do the same the next day. She may be wildly successful, have all of the accoutrements of success and the accolades to accompany them. But inside, she has no wealth.

(Been there, done that. 🙂 )

You cannot deplete yourself completely in order to acquire wealth. It does not work that way.

You cannot drive a car depleted of fuel. You cannot harvest food without watering and fertilizing your plants, caring for your chickens, or nurturing animals. An investment must occur in creating something before a harvest can be taken. And you cannot create wealth by depleting yourself.

You create wealth by nurturing, supporting, and enlivening yourself. You must make it a priority, you must make you a priority.

Time is one of your gifts. We all receive the exact same amount of time in a day. How you use your time tells you how you will experience wealth.

There once were two farmers who had fields with rich abundant soil.

The first farmer woke up and planted seeds, watered them faithfully, weeded his garden, then went off on his day.

The second farmer was fearful that his field did not have abundant soil. He was afraid that his seeds might not take hold. He planted seeds, because he knew he had to, but then he went off to find another landowner who was paying a nice wage for those who would work in his fields. He spent so much time tending to his employer’s field that he did not have time to weed, water, or nurture his own fields.

The first farmer reaped a healthy yield. The second farmer reaped a measly crop. And when the wealthy landowner had what he needed, he fired his employees.

I’m not saying to quit your day job, so to speak. But go to the day job after you have cared for your own fields. Ensure you have balance. Do not throw yourself into toil for another’s profit.

We all have a field that can provide us a great bounty if we are aware of our gifts. Your field is not in your yard, or down the road, it is within you.

What is your daily work? Are you building something that will provide for you long term, or are you investing in the wealthy landowner’s fields?

Today’s Exercise

Today’s exercise is to work your field with the intent of self nurturing. Wherever you find joy, happiness, contentment, wherever work becomes play. Tend to your field so that it may provide for you in good times and in bad, so that you can uncover your wealth within.


Accepting Your Gifts of Magic

You have come here to give many gifts. You are a blessing to this world.

But you cannot give those gifts, can you. No matter how hard you try, you cannot give enough. You cannot fix things or do anything that you see that the world needs. And it seems the harder you try, the less able you are to do what needs to be done. You cannot give enough. You cannot fix what is broken, you cannot make right the external things that aren’t fitting right.

You see, you are trying to give something you do not have, something that is not yours to give.

You cannot give your gifts, unless you accept the gifts that exist for yourself.

You are a part of All That Is. You are not separate from earth, from God, from your brothers and sisters on this planet. And your nature is to receive and give, receive and give, receive and give. It is a connected type of giving.

But if you’re trying to fix everything around you that isn’t working, you’re depleting your energy before you ever get to give a gift. If you are putting others before your own needs, or work before your own happiness, or tasks before being, then you are depleting your reserves before they are ever filled.

Think about this. What is the first thought that enters your mind when you awaken in the morning? Is it about how excited you are to greet the day? Or is it the things that must be done. Perhaps you think that you would like to go back to dream land.

When Claire was 2 years old, she woke up one morning, practicing her newly acquired verbal gifts and said, “Awake! Awake! Yay!”

If only we could have that excitement to greet our day. What if we could!? If you could approach your day with the intent of enjoyment, you will replenish the reserves that will allow you to approach the tasks of your day with the intent of providing a gift.

Remember how important intentions are.

Are you afraid? Do you worry? Do you feel anxiety? Choosing experiences that are easy yet unfulfilling?

What gifts exist for you now, today? Look around you. Is the sun shining or is your earth being nourished by rain? How does the air smell? Sweet, fresh, clean? Fragrant?

If you can find the magic in your existence today, the magic will make itself more apparent to you. The magic and miracles of today are tomorrow’s everyday experience.

By building a life practice of enjoyment, peace, joy, and excitement, you set the stage of intent for further growth. This invites magic into your experience.

Today’s Exercise

Look for the magic. Look for the gifts for yourself. What things are waiting for you to be open to them? Who loves you? What magic and miracles can you find in your experience today?

Letting Go Even More

Yesterday, we talked about letting go. The whole notion of let go, let God, is a very freeing idea. It allows us to concentrate on tasks that we can do easily and turn over the big things to a power much greater than ourselves.

Today, we’re going to dig a little deeper. I’ve heard that 99% of all spirituality is learning how to let go. We need to let go of control, let go of our attachments, and let go of our identity.

What about your story are you holding on to because it defines you? Do you feel naked and exposed without your identity? Do you need to have a certain physical appearance to feel acceptable? Or maybe you need a certain partner, exceptional behavior from your children, a certain type of home, a special gift or talent.

What about your thoughts? Are you holding on to certain thought patterns because you feel you need them? Do you think you need to worry about things in order that things are not forgotten?

Are you holding on to memories of a loved one lost because you fear what it means to move on without them? Do you feel responsible to their memory, or maybe lost without it?

Are you holding on to a relationship that no longer serves you because you fear what life is like on your own?

Are you holding on to romantic memories of what used to be, whether in your hometown, your home, or your friendships?

You’ve heard the title of Ram Dass’ amazing book, Be Here Now. I ask you today, be here now. Let go of your past, your future, your thoughts, your desires and just give your day the freedom to be what it is. No hopes, no dreams, no wishes, no fantasies of what could be, what was, or what could have been.

Be alone.

Be you.

Today’s Exercise

Another exercise in letting go, meditate for at least 15 minutes with no thoughts whatsoever. Clear your mind, your cave, and your being. Be here now. Notice what you notice. Be who you are and nothing more.

Ask your higher self, the universe, the Spirit that touches you to come through and be with you, cleansing yourself of all needs, desires, attachments, or romantic notions of what could be.


Letting Go

Today’s exercise is short, as I am reacting to some possibilities arriving in my world. 🙂

So, I’ve got a lot on my plate, as many of you do, too. Also, I’ve got to get three books completed and ready for sale as soon as I can, orders to ship, accounting to do, and kids who need me. Oh and dogs. Alex and Riley, my sweet golden retriever friends need some love, and I need some love from them, too. I would also like to spend some time alone, in quietude, for a while today.

There are so many things I desire, yet I am also finding the things I want to get done surpass my ability to get them done. That feels disempowering and overwhelming. However, it doesn’t mean I have to give up.

What if I could delegate some of those tasks to the Universe? It would happen a lot easier with some divine intervention!

I did a process yesterday from Abraham Hicks called the Placemat Process. If you haven’t heard of it, here is a video for you that describes it in detail. The basic jist: take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left, write down everything that you will do today or this week. On the right, write down everything  that is the Universe’s job. There are some things that I’m wrestling with now that I just cannot solve, though it doesn’t stop my mind from attempting to solve them!

The real problem is, those big things distract me from doing things that I really can do. So, I decided to turn them over to All That Is. I told the Universe what I wanted to have done, and I delegated. I let go. Some of the things were things that I could do if I wanted to, but I don’t have that much time. So with a pen and a piece of paper, I ask for help. I delegate.

As I put items on the list, I can then let go of them. I don’t need to worry about them, think about them, or solve them. Doing so is micromanaging the universe, and that makes no sense at all. My conscious mind tries, but I keep remembering that I have delegated those items.

So, away I go on the smaller, less monumental tasks, tasks that are just as important to complete.

Today’s Exercise

Write down a list of things that you can do easily today on your to-do list. Delegate those items that are important and meaningful on the Universe’s to-do list.

Meditate on your gratitude that the universe is clocked in and working for you today. Even if you hadn’t written those things down, the Universe would still be working for you. However, this exercise is really your signal to get out of the Universe’s way. Let go of your need to control external situations.

It doesn’t mean you aren’t doing your daily work, but you’re working in agreement with All That Is, letting the larger part of who you are get things done for you.



Gratitude and Your Song

This topic has been written about to death. I am not sure if I have anything further to add, but I better write something, because gratitude is the key to good feelings, no matter what is happening.

It is easy to sing to the skies about how awesome life is when things are going quite well. It is easy to be authentically grateful when you’re winning the lottery of life.

Are you grateful only for the “good” things? Or can you find gratitude in your heart for the “bad” things, too?

It might take more conscious awareness to cultivate a sense of gratitude and gratefulness when things aren’t going your way. But like an iron in fire, the gratitude developed under fire comes from a source that is not dependent on external experience. It tells you what really matters. And it sustains you.

If you need external circumstances to fuel your gratitude, your fuel source will not sustain you in times of tumultuous challenge.

If you feel gratitude when your life is falling apart and you’re being challenged, you find gratitude for things that will sustain you no matter what is happening.

I ask the kids at dinner to tell me about their day. They give me bits and pieces, and then I ask them what they feel gratitude for. I’ve never gotten “nothing.” I’ve never heard, “Yeah, but I fell down.” With child like exuberance, they are always able to find me at least one to give them a smile. They haven’t realized the deeper power of gratitude for yourself and your song, but they will as they grow into it.

Gratitude for external things exercises a muscle… it’s a muscle that is best used when you dig deeper into yourself, into the place where all is perfect.

How many of you find things about yourself that give you that sense of wonderment and gratitude? How is it that you know, no matter what happens, that you will always be okay? What are your gifts?

And how many can look at an unpleasant external situation and find gratitude in that?

I know, it’s hard. But your wealth is manifest in external challenges as well as external greatness. It is all you. It is your experience. Feel it, deeply. Know that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, you manifested challenges to show yourself your own greatness. That no matter what comes your way, you are okay. You are more than okay. You are magnificent beings that no external challenge can ever overshadow.

Like Socrates in the cave, you are a philosopher… you are a lover of knowledge. And you are a lover of experience. And you know that the real gratitude to feel is that you are all of that, and that you are Loved. You are love.

Today’s Exercise

It is sweet that it is raining here, because today, we are dancing in the rain. We will let the unpleasant be what it is, and know that just as good times never last, bad times never do either. Our wealth is not dependent upon external circumstances, because we are our wealth. And if we see shadows externally that do not reflect a pleasant shape, we can still feel gratitude for being alive and being able to create shadows in our caves.

Today, we dance. We sing. We express our hearts, who we are. Even if no one is listening, God is. And He loves you more than you will ever understand.

Put on your favorite song and sing. Even if other people plug their ears and close their doors, God is listening. Source is listening. Your soul is listening.

You are listening.

And I am too.

Be grateful for the song in your heart, that song that is ready to sing no matter what is happening out there. If you’re under extreme stress and duress, SING EVEN LOUDER.

For this, I am grateful for you… for being a part of the experiment. Feel the gratitude for yourself, that you are blessing to all. And a blessing to me. And a blessing to All That Is.

You don’t need to do anything or say anything to be worthy of this gratitude. You are here. You showed up to experience All That Is. And you are who you are.

I love that about you. 😉

As a bonus, here is blog post from a writer in LA who does Course in Miracles work. Seven years ago, he was living in a studio apartment with nothing external to show for himself. However, he found what mattered. Now, he substitute teaches for Marianne Williamson. It’s been great to watch Jacob grow in his audience, and his voice.

There’s adult language, so if that offends, skip it. Here’s the point though:

BE THE REAL YOU AND MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC even if nobody else sings along -and eventually, whoever was waiting for the authentic YOU, will find you because you never dimmed your light in order to make your life look like it “got better,” whether that is ONE person or 10 million people. 

Adventure of Experience

You are magnificent. You may not be fully experiencing this magnificence is this reality, but this reality is but the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, of who you really are. You are much more than what you see in the mirror. You are more than what you do for work. And you are more than what you have, give or experience.

You are more than you give yourself credit for. And you are more than anyone has ever told you.

Wouldn’t you like to explore that? Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate all that you are? Wouldn’t you love to experience that?

There is an adventure that awaits you, deeper than your heart, deeper than your greatest dreams. It is an adventure of experience that few travelers really undertake. So many of us get lost in our random ego-based thoughts. We get distracted by news, by worries, or by demands upon our time. We attempt to fix things by doing, by distracting ourselves away from what we really want. What we really want is that adventure.

We get lost in the words, we get lost in the meanings we assign to things we are meant to experience.

Do you remember Socrates story of the cave? Plato describes Socrates leading a group of people to a cave, and the people see shadows on the wall of the cave. They can assign meaning to the shadows. They see the representation of reality in the shadows, but they cannot experience the depth, the nuances, the reality of what really is. Only the philosopher can see the people and objects that create the shadows.

You are now a modern day philosopher, a modern day lover of knowledge. You cannot turn back from this exploration or this experience, the time has come for us all to discover our true selves, for  us to understand the light, reality, and turn away from the shadows that deceive us into shallow exploration of who we are.

But if we will intend it to explore and experience ourselves deeper to uncover our bliss, we will discover so much more than the external world will ever provide.

How does this relate to wealth?

YOU are your wealth. Your experience of yourself uncovers your wealth more than any words you speak ever will.

The external experience of wealth is the shadow. The cars, the houses, the bank statements. You can create constructs that create shadows if you would like. It is rather easy to do given the exercises we’ve laid out for you.

But for a greater experience of those shadows, we are invited to experience something greater: the creator of those shadows.

And that means you must embark on an exploration of consciousness that is uncharted. We cannot provide you a path, because it is your territory, it is your experience, and it is wholly individual.

We can share our experiences, tell you what has worked for us. And you will hear and see and feel whatever you need or want from our words, and it may help you navigate your individual adventure. But there is nothing

Today’s Exercise

Today’s exercises are borrowed from The Book of est, a book that I was privileged to work on a couple of years ago. The author, George Cockcroft, is a great guy. He’s a good friend of ours. We’re working together at the moment to bring The Book of est to the Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.

The primary message of est is to stop thinking, stop labeling, and start experiencing. Today, give yourself 5 minutes. Close your eyes.

Choose a spot in your left foot and feel it. Explore it.

Choose a spot in your right knee and feel it. Experience what it is to be your right knee. Don’t label it, just go into that part of your body and feel it.

Choose a spot in your left hand and explore that.

Begin moving over different areas of your body, choose a spot and explore its feeling. If there is a spot in your body where you feel pain or discomfort, do this. As you explore it and experience it and let it be what it is, that pain will begin to dissipate. The only reason the pain is there is to experience it. What shape is the pain? What color is it? Don’t try to explain the pain, describe it other than its general experience.

That focused managed attention on experiencing who you are will give you greater peace and depth, and it becomes a tool for knowing who you really are.

Those five minutes, like your awareness in this reality, are just the tip of the iceberg. The deeper you think you go into your experience, the deeper the rabbit hole goes.

And as The Book of est says so eloquently, “understanding is the booby prize.” You might think you understand, but those are just shadows in the cave, too.

Experience you. Experience All That Is. And that experience will give you greater wealth than we can understand.


Abundant Relationships

Admin note: Yesterday’s audio is being edited. We’ll have it available at some point soon. I will email when it is ready. I am sorry for the delay.

I commented to a friend that time seems to be speeding up. Our manifestations are happening faster and faster, and it seems that we are powerless to stop the reorganization of our worlds, individually and collectively, towards our greater good. And like a good labor, the pain of working through this experience of rebirth is not exactly comfortable.

We can either blame everything outside of ourselves, or we can look within. Within our hearts, we find the knowledge of what our hearts desire most. I cannot tell you what that is. Only your heart knows.

You know what is there, but do you know it is already yours? Or does the change that must occur to have it manifest in this reality scare you? Are you holding structures in your experience to prevent what you desire most from manifesting in your world?

There are three levels of mental experience for any manifestation of wealth.

  • You can hope it happens.
  • You believe it will happen.
  • You know it is going to happen.

Where are you on your manifestation path. When you write down all of your desired manifestations of wealth, what does your body tell you about where it is in your field of experience?

Because of the rapidity of our manifestations in this new reality, the time it takes to go from hope to knowing is much shorter than it ever has been before.

But if you are in a relationship that is sucking your life force dry, and you hope to live a happy vibrant and joyful life, there is something that must change. Holding on to things that no longer serve you takes a tremendous amount of effort, and they do not sustain you spiritually, emotionally, or even physically. At some point, you will be asked to let go.

Letting go, and doing so with love for yourself and others, is critical to your own growth. And it is likely critical to those around you who need freedom to explore their manifestations as well.

It is always invigorating to find someone who shares your hopes, dreams, and wishes. It is incredibly powerful to manifest as a group of people, even if that group has only 2 members. But at some point, those desires will go different ways. Conflict will arise. And you may need to let go.

Even in the relationships of parent and child, there is a very gradual letting go. Kids grow up and move out. You’ll never stop being mom or dad, but how manifestation happens in that group changes as the individual needs change.

Putting your own needs, desires, hopes on hold because you’re trying to keep the peace in a relationship doesn’t serve you, and it doesn’t even serve the person you’re sacrificing for. Sometimes you have to let go. And letting go might happen a little bit, or it might happen a lot. Each situation is different.

The answer lies in your heart. And you already know what it is. It’s been with you since the beginning of time.

Today’s Exercise

I’m not going to encourage the ending of any marriages or anything! But today, we look at our relationships. How do they serve  us, how do they not. What pieces are working, what pieces are not. And those answers are found in our heart. Does your relationship give you joy?

  • What is your hope, dream, or wish for your relationships?
  • What do you believe to be true about your relationships?
  • And what do you know in your heart about your relationships?

Do this for all of your relationships. Look for ways to remove some of the structures that bind you, or to establish structures that serve you.

When a relationship serves you and supports your heart’s desire, it is magical. But that magic can disappear just as soon as it shows up. Stay conscious of areas where compromise causes you to sacrifice the music of your heart.