Your Daily Work

Opening to your gifts is important as we address the idea of our daily work. You cannot create wealth through working without accepting gifts yourself.

We all have our daily work. Even the most enlightened must still chop wood and carry water. There is no escaping some daily work.

However, what “work” has turn into for us as a culture is very different. We buy homes and cars, and go deeply into debt, and work to pay off the debt for our possessions. Some of us have debt before we even leave college, immediately putting ourselves into a situation where we sacrifice who we are to pay debts.

It is deeply ingrained into our culture that we must work to earn money, and that we must trade our time for money. While that works for a time, and it can provide a level of experience that may be useful to you in the long term, it cannot be a lifetime of experience.

You know the type. The type A personality that immerses herself in her work, from morning until night, then collapses to do the same the next day. She may be wildly successful, have all of the accoutrements of success and the accolades to accompany them. But inside, she has no wealth.

(Been there, done that. 🙂 )

You cannot deplete yourself completely in order to acquire wealth. It does not work that way.

You cannot drive a car depleted of fuel. You cannot harvest food without watering and fertilizing your plants, caring for your chickens, or nurturing animals. An investment must occur in creating something before a harvest can be taken. And you cannot create wealth by depleting yourself.

You create wealth by nurturing, supporting, and enlivening yourself. You must make it a priority, you must make you a priority.

Time is one of your gifts. We all receive the exact same amount of time in a day. How you use your time tells you how you will experience wealth.

There once were two farmers who had fields with rich abundant soil.

The first farmer woke up and planted seeds, watered them faithfully, weeded his garden, then went off on his day.

The second farmer was fearful that his field did not have abundant soil. He was afraid that his seeds might not take hold. He planted seeds, because he knew he had to, but then he went off to find another landowner who was paying a nice wage for those who would work in his fields. He spent so much time tending to his employer’s field that he did not have time to weed, water, or nurture his own fields.

The first farmer reaped a healthy yield. The second farmer reaped a measly crop. And when the wealthy landowner had what he needed, he fired his employees.

I’m not saying to quit your day job, so to speak. But go to the day job after you have cared for your own fields. Ensure you have balance. Do not throw yourself into toil for another’s profit.

We all have a field that can provide us a great bounty if we are aware of our gifts. Your field is not in your yard, or down the road, it is within you.

What is your daily work? Are you building something that will provide for you long term, or are you investing in the wealthy landowner’s fields?

Today’s Exercise

Today’s exercise is to work your field with the intent of self nurturing. Wherever you find joy, happiness, contentment, wherever work becomes play. Tend to your field so that it may provide for you in good times and in bad, so that you can uncover your wealth within.