Gratitude and Your Song

This topic has been written about to death. I am not sure if I have anything further to add, but I better write something, because gratitude is the key to good feelings, no matter what is happening.

It is easy to sing to the skies about how awesome life is when things are going quite well. It is easy to be authentically grateful when you’re winning the lottery of life.

Are you grateful only for the “good” things? Or can you find gratitude in your heart for the “bad” things, too?

It might take more conscious awareness to cultivate a sense of gratitude and gratefulness when things aren’t going your way. But like an iron in fire, the gratitude developed under fire comes from a source that is not dependent on external experience. It tells you what really matters. And it sustains you.

If you need external circumstances to fuel your gratitude, your fuel source will not sustain you in times of tumultuous challenge.

If you feel gratitude when your life is falling apart and you’re being challenged, you find gratitude for things that will sustain you no matter what is happening.

I ask the kids at dinner to tell me about their day. They give me bits and pieces, and then I ask them what they feel gratitude for. I’ve never gotten “nothing.” I’ve never heard, “Yeah, but I fell down.” With child like exuberance, they are always able to find me at least one to give them a smile. They haven’t realized the deeper power of gratitude for yourself and your song, but they will as they grow into it.

Gratitude for external things exercises a muscle… it’s a muscle that is best used when you dig deeper into yourself, into the place where all is perfect.

How many of you find things about yourself that give you that sense of wonderment and gratitude? How is it that you know, no matter what happens, that you will always be okay? What are your gifts?

And how many can look at an unpleasant external situation and find gratitude in that?

I know, it’s hard. But your wealth is manifest in external challenges as well as external greatness. It is all you. It is your experience. Feel it, deeply. Know that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, you manifested challenges to show yourself your own greatness. That no matter what comes your way, you are okay. You are more than okay. You are magnificent beings that no external challenge can ever overshadow.

Like Socrates in the cave, you are a philosopher… you are a lover of knowledge. And you are a lover of experience. And you know that the real gratitude to feel is that you are all of that, and that you are Loved. You are love.

Today’s Exercise

It is sweet that it is raining here, because today, we are dancing in the rain. We will let the unpleasant be what it is, and know that just as good times never last, bad times never do either. Our wealth is not dependent upon external circumstances, because we are our wealth. And if we see shadows externally that do not reflect a pleasant shape, we can still feel gratitude for being alive and being able to create shadows in our caves.

Today, we dance. We sing. We express our hearts, who we are. Even if no one is listening, God is. And He loves you more than you will ever understand.

Put on your favorite song and sing. Even if other people plug their ears and close their doors, God is listening. Source is listening. Your soul is listening.

You are listening.

And I am too.

Be grateful for the song in your heart, that song that is ready to sing no matter what is happening out there. If you’re under extreme stress and duress, SING EVEN LOUDER.

For this, I am grateful for you… for being a part of the experiment. Feel the gratitude for yourself, that you are blessing to all. And a blessing to me. And a blessing to All That Is.

You don’t need to do anything or say anything to be worthy of this gratitude. You are here. You showed up to experience All That Is. And you are who you are.

I love that about you. 😉

As a bonus, here is blog post from a writer in LA who does Course in Miracles work. Seven years ago, he was living in a studio apartment with nothing external to show for himself. However, he found what mattered. Now, he substitute teaches for Marianne Williamson. It’s been great to watch Jacob grow in his audience, and his voice.

There’s adult language, so if that offends, skip it. Here’s the point though:

BE THE REAL YOU AND MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC even if nobody else sings along -and eventually, whoever was waiting for the authentic YOU, will find you because you never dimmed your light in order to make your life look like it “got better,” whether that is ONE person or 10 million people.