The Wealth Diet Coaching Program

One-on-one coaching to help you achieve a wealth mindset.
Do you want to open up to create more wealth?

Would you like a life full of excitement and enthusiasm?

Would you like to open up more to the abundance that is just waiting for you?

The Wealth Diet can help. And now I can, too. I’m happy – and very excited – to introduce Wealth Diet Coaching:¬†you and me on the phone or Skype figuring out a plan to get wealth moving towards you in your life.

Coaching Complements Self Study

I initially designed The Wealth Diet program so that people could work through the individual exercises on their own and converse with others during the process. You can still buy and read the book, go through all of the exercises yourself, and still open immensely to the wealth that is just waiting for you. And if you enjoy self study and exercises, that’s just awesome, isn’t it? It’s how I learn, myself, and I expect that a lot of other people learn through self study. But there are times, especially stressful times, where we all find ourselves stuck. We end up in a place where we cannot see for ourselves. We get into fear-based thinking and unconscious patterns that keep us in a stuck place. When we’re fearful, we tend to not make the best decisions for ourselves.

Coaching – I do it anyway

Mark suggested that I begin offering “wealth diet” coaching. At first, I balked. He’s the coach, I said, and said I would rather just write, code, and be a mom. But he kept bringing it up.

“Who knows who you might meet? The cool conversations you might have? The people you might help?” He said, “Coaching is a process that opens up divine inspiration. It is an amazing experience to walk with someone through that and watch Spirit work with and through you.”

I was intrigued. I’ve seen what Mark has done in his own coaching practice, and I’ve seen what amazing things have happened to the people that have worked with him. Of course, his skill set is different.

But Mark also reminded me of how much coaching I actually do in my daily life – with my web development and SEO clients, with my friends, my family, even with Mark himself.

So, here it is.

Wealth Diet Coaching

What is “wealth diet coaching?”

I help you find where you are blocking yourself from experiencing the wealth in your life, the wealth you really want, and how to get there. I intuitively attune with your patterns and your energy to determine where you are… and where your mind thinks you are, which can often be different things. Oftentimes we get fixated thinking that we can only create wealth in one way, or only in one area of our life, or that we have to do something completely different in order to create a wealthier experience. Sometimes we think that we’re stuck, when the only thing we’re stuck on is our own thinking.

Sometimes we are so committed to something that used to serve us very well that we aren’t flexible enough to see that we’re destined for something much greater. You are more than you think you are. The you that you know is but a fingertip of a giant spiritual celestial being that loves you, cares for you, protects you and encourages your growth and exploration in joy. That is who you really are… and these games we play, these challenges that show up, are really nothing more than a game to that giant spiritual celestial being.

As you tap into more of yourself, you end up in a place where your perspective on your current life changes. Instead of being focused as one piece on a chessboard, you are able to see the entire chessboard. You’re able to see your long term, long range beingness, and you can see the whole game. You learn why you are who you are, who you really are, and all of the drama falls away. You ARE wealth. You don’t have to create something new in order to experience wealth.

Wealth isn’t something out there, it is something that you are. And through my coaching program, I hope to individually assist you in seeing this… not just through how you believe money comes to you (though I can certainly work with those beliefs and do so regularly) but how wealth already exists for you. How can you open up to it? What can you do, given your own individual situation, to ensure that you can take your wealth to the next level?

Wealth Diet Coaching helps you find all of this and expand into it.

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Why me

Here’s some basic facts about me and why I know I can help the majority of people who are looking to increase wealth in their lives.


  • I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1998.
  • I’ve owned 3 successful businesses all of which are still making money in some fashion or another (even without marketing them much!).
  • I was raised in an entrepreneurial family — everyone had their own business.
  • I’ve also worked in corporate America managing projects for some of the largest corporations out there.
  • I have an MBA in life experience – from accounting to marketing, HR to process innovation, I know what makes a business successful.
  • I’ve been building websites for small and large businesses (even Fortune 100 corporations) since the 1990s. I have deep knowledge of what makes a site work, how internet marketing works (and what programs to never ever buy), and how to drive traffic.
  • I am quite adept at identifying trends and finding methods to capitalize on them.

Spiritual attunement

  • I’ve been studying and applying spiritual manifestation principles since I was a teenager. I was introduced to the Seth material at age 14, and started reading voraciously. The themes of personal responsibility in creating your own reality underscore every part of my life.
  • I’ve been studying and working as an astrologer for 20 years. I don’t market this ability, and I use it only for business competitive advantage for the most part. Until one of my friends or family members asks for a reading, I keep my astrology knowledge fairly private.
  • I’ve been intuitive all my life. I just “know.” It may be the very strong placement of Jupiter in my chart. It could be that psychic ability has been in my family for generations… yet never really talked about. I just know.
  • I have very strong guides that are ever-present. Ever since moving to Mount Shasta, they’ve made their presence known even more. I work with these guides every day.
  • I can get to your core issue. Dealing with a difficult relationship? I can find the core issue. Is your higher self asking you to speak out or keep quiet? What serves all involved in the highest way.

More than anything, I am very good at identifying where people are blocking themselves and where they are their own worst enemy. I can identify incongruencies that create internal discord and help you find ways to get out of them so that you can enjoy life more fully.

We certainly like to play games with ourselves, don’t we. The key is to realize it’s ALL a game, keep perspective, and be flexible enough to move with the energies when they’re ready to move.

We all need a coach every once in a while

Even the most adept coaches and professional advisors that I have met throughout my life have used coaching to get to the next level or to get unstuck. The smartest people hire coaches even when they don’t think they need one… just so they can keep progressing.

Life can be very challenging. Deaths happen. Rebirths happen. Shifts happen. When we finally achieve a level of comfort and peace, something else comes along to let us know that we are never static. No matter how comfortable things get, we are never going to stay how things are. We are spiritual beings on the edge of creation, and we’re always being asked to take it deeper, make it bigger, go to a different level. And sometimes we are being asked to let go so that something more expansive can show up.

Sound intriguing? It does for me, too.

How to Hire Me

If you’re interested in a Wealth Diet coaching session, you can book me by emailing coaching[at]thewealthdiet[dot]com.

Cost is $147 per session, which will last about an hour (give or take), with brief email follow up. Coaching takes a level of mental and spiritual attention that requires quite a bit of energy. As such, I am only offering one session per week. I can work via Skype or telephone (your choice).

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