About Kathy Zant

Kathy has the ability to dive into the core of an issue and uncover what is making things tick. She can cut right to the point, but does so with heart. She has a humility and a kindness I’ve not found elsewhere with others. Since talking with her about my business, I was able to shift some of my strategies so that I could make more money in a shorter timeframe. 



kathy-headshotKathy Zant is a multi-faceted mother living beneath the alpenglow of Mount Shasta, California with her children and a golden retriever full of love and life.

An entrepreneur for over 16 years, Kathy has helped business owners across the United States claim their power of expression through the internet. She has written articles, participated in discussion forums, and written blog posts about manifesting wealth and living the life of your dreams since 1999. She currently manages a thriving business with her partner Mark J. Ryan.

Kathy has been manifesting a magical life since reading her first metaphysical books when she was 15 years old. Everyone told her she was crazy then, and she may certainly well be now. It has taken her thirty years to own that diagnosis and love it!

Contact: kathy -at- thewealthdiet -dot- com